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IanMiddy Nov 24, 2005 1:42 PM

Hi - new here and wonder if I can ask for some help ?

Been using a couple of Kodak DigiCams for a year or so after getting back into photography [used to use Fujica SLRs in the 80's]. Have now decided the time is right to move up to a DSLR, as have really reached the limit of what I can do in wildlife [particularly, bird] photography with the Kodaks - main problem is the need to use ISO200+ in anything but exceptional light.

I had first been looking at a Pentax IstDL, as I had a few Tamron Adaptall lenses, and a Fujinon 400/4.5, that I'd hoped to 're-use', and the Pentax seemed the easiest route with these [also uses SD cards like the Kodaks]. However, the other day my dad pointed out that the KM5D is down to £480 with the kit 18-70 lens, which is only slightly more than the DL body - and I could get the CF->SD adapter for the price difference between the two with kit lens...

Finally - the questions - obviously relating to other-make lens use - I've tried searching past threads, but am after clarification:

1/ Am I right in thinking that MD-fit lenses [Minolta or otherwise] require an adapter with an optical element [which is also a X2 (or similar) converter] ? - and this would presumably include Adaptalls with an MD-adapter ?

2/ I've seen M42->KMAF adapters that don't have optics, and claim to resolve the lens-positioning issue with regard to infinity focus - is this correct ? - obviously no auto-diaphragm function, but my 400 is a preset anyway, so not an issue...

3/ I've seen Tamron Adaptall mounts for Minolta AF - do these work ok on the 5D ? - and do they provide the information (focal length?) to allow the AntiShake to work, or do the "little steps" in the viewfinder not appear ? [obviously, no AF function with manual lenses]

4/ Assuming most, if not all, answers to the above mean I'd be better off buying new glassware, presumably new non-KM lenses such as the Tamron 18-200 do function with the AS system ?

Many thanks in advance to any who can spare the time answering all this !


bernabeu Nov 25, 2005 9:20 AM

1 - yes, available (back ordered) at B&H

2 - M42>KMAF adapter is to convert PRAKTICA screw mount lenses

3 - if it works on maxxum it will work on 5D and 7D

4 - buy used maxxum glass !

IanMiddy Nov 25, 2005 9:32 AM

Thanks for the info - have ordered an M42 adapter from HK [couldn't find one in UK] and have been browsing eBay for KM glass as you suggest - lot cheaper than I expected...


jimjomac Dec 13, 2005 11:52 AM

bernabeu wrote:

1 - yes, available (back ordered) at B&H
Unfortunately, it's been back-ordered since at least around June. Maybe we should all send messages to B&H, and convince them to expedite bringing it back!

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