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dlbogdan Jun 5, 2006 5:14 AM

Hello all! I've been enjoing my KM 5D for half an year now, been shopping for new lenses (mostly used ones), and lately getting a flash (without reading anything about the mettering systems). Soo.... i'm stuck with a Sunpak PowerZOOM 4000 AF witch blows at full power no matter what. Studying the fenomenon (on this and other forums) i now know that the problem is related to the way film flash mettering was done with the sensor getting light from the reflection of the film and digital slr's mettering with a series of preflashes. Well.... so far so bad, i went to the old and very used camera store and got myself a very old and very used and very cheap thyristor sensor flash. In my electronics engineer mind was floating the ideea that i could modify the Sunpak flash to use the thyristor circuit and compensate the flashing the (very) old style... by getting light info from the (added) sensor circuit. Well.... enough with the theory. I am actually getting nowere, cuz i didn't find any information on the pinout of the flash shoe. My theory is that the camera comunicates with some kind of serial protocol through the 4 pin shoe with the flash. So, my questions are: What is the pinout of the flash shoe (especially film based cuz i need to know what the flash expects to see from the camera and maybe divert the exposure info with a secondary circuit) aaand.... maybe some of you know the serial protocol (if there is one) to share it with me. That's it! Thank's in advance!

dlbogdan Jun 5, 2006 7:25 AM

Come on! PLEASE HELP!!!!! ANYONE?????

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