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Going on a cruise this December and I have only 512 mb card for my Maxxum 5d.. My question is thier a way to unload the pictures I want to keep from my card to some device for later dumping on to my home computer.. My son owns one of those sony hand help game things... Could I some how dump pictuers in to that ? Or do I just need to get more memory ?
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Don't waste your money on more memory cards. I only have a 512MB CF card, which I use with an Archos Gmini 220. This little gizmo has proven extremely useful, on our honeymoon, where we snapped in excess of 2000 pics between the 2 of us. It is an iPod-like device that has a CF slot on the side. In no time, you can dump all the photos from your card, to it. It has a 20GB capacity. I paid US$179, and it has paid its cost in CF cards that I didn't have to buy. It is USB 2.0 and you can use it as a regular protable HD. It is quite small (smaller, but slightly thicker than the iPod) You can review photos in Grayscale (Gmini 220) or colour (Gmini 400, AV400). With its adapter (card reader) you can also read other types of cards (like I do with my wife's camera (SD)

The company is not very well known, but the equipment is very reliable. I have had mine for over 2 years, with absolutely no problems.

The Gmini 220 is an old model, but I believe you can still purchase it. Some of their new models also have a CF slot (e.g. Gmini 400). Well worth the price. The AV400is bigger, higher capacity and can play video, as well. But I find the convenience of the small Gmini 220 to be preferrable, to me.

Check them out at http://www.archos.com, or go to the site where I bought it at http://hotmp3gear.com/ (Canadian Site, serving Canada and US)
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Regardless whether you have a device to transfer pictures, I would recommend a 2GB card. Depending on the brand, it would run ±$85.
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I have a 2Gb Sandisk Extreme III and definately glad I got over my previous 512Mb. Faster picture capture (essential for multi bursts) as well as more memory.

I got an adaptor from Apple than means I can transfer straight from my KM 5D to my iPod.

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