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When I bought my 5D, I picked up a spare battery. Used the 5D around the house testing it out & so forth. Recharged the original battery & the replacement to go to the Drag Races this past weekend. Only got 44 shots on the replacement battery. Switched to the original shot 243 pics & the battery indicator still shows full. Does the new battery need a couple of cycles to come up to full capacity or do I have a dog on my hands?

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Lithium Ion batteries are not supposed to need cycling. But, I've seen others report that they do get better performance after a few uses. The only way to tell is to try it and see what you get.

I'd make sure the contacts on it are clean, too (just in case a touch of oxidation, or even a coating to protect them from oxidation, is impacting how much voltage the camera is seeing).

Try rubbing the contacts over a pair of jeans before charging the battery again to make sure they're nice and clean (or if you prefer, qtips and alcohol, etc.). lol

I've seen more than one case where this technique "fixed" batteries that kept running out quickly in mobile phones. I have to do this about once every 3 or 4 months with the battery in my wife's phone. Then, it works just fine again for a while (it's just a bit of oxidation forming on the contacts over time).

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Any sort of lithium battery should be fine without any cycling. the only querky thing about lithum batteries is that if they have been sitting around for a while, say a year or so without being used, they can build up a layer of oxidation on the electrodes. Using the battery should "burn" this off, but you have to draw quite a bit of current or it won't work all the way. So maybe thry draining the battery faster, possibly with constantly using the flash, etc.

It also depends heavily on the battery quality. If they're true KM batteries then there may be something wrong with them, if they are made by someone else then they might just not be as good. i've had a couple Power2000 batteries for a Sony V1 and they die very quickly. Though they may have the same capacity, they may not be able to put out the same required current once they get lower in voltage. It all depends on how much effort and care was put into making the cells.

best of luck =]

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mikelens wrote:
Does the new battery need a couple of cycles to come up to full capacity
Yes, absolutely. It is well documented. After the first three or so cycles you should be good to go, no more such maintenence needed. I've also heard its better to NOT run li-ion batteries down all the way, but rather charge them when you have the chance.

I have observed this with my cell phone, when I run it down until it turns off the next several charge cycles will only last two or so days. After being in a better routine the battery will last a week.
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