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nickphoto123 Jul 31, 2006 7:06 PM

Hello All,

Visited Adorama in NYC today;

'Just came in' replied the clerk to my 'Did you get the A100 yet?

( all with kit lens and IMHO ):

1) It is very light. Weighs less than my R-1.

2) The build quality is not as high as my R-1 ( built like a brick - my opinion ).

3) When the salesman handed me the camera, I felt something move within the camera. I thought the lens was loose; but it was the 'Auto-start' focus as the camera sensed my wrist and then my belly by the view finder as I grabbed the camera. I then held the camera in my right hand and moved my left pointer finger back and forth over the viewfinder and could feel the autofocus mechanism move within the camera. The movement was enough to be felt through my hand holding the camera ( something I never felt with my D30, D60, F-828, R-1 n, or my old EOS 35 mm film cameras autofocus.). I felt it more than heard it.
This sensation gave me a toyish tactile feeling while the camera was autofocusing.

4) My rather large hand had the sensation that there was no camera to grip with my pointer finger while my hand was in the typical right handed camera grip poisition. That is the height of the grip (and camera) did not fill my hand as would my D60 nor R-1.

4A) I tried to take a shot and found that I was pressing a dial instead of the shutter button which is placed behind this dial on a horizontal plane ( not on and slanted toward the front of the camera as I sub-conciously thought it would be).

5) The shutter is hearable, and I would classify it as noisy, more than my D60 and friend's 20D, but less than the Olympus E300 shutter mechanism.
It will scare away most wild life and Pastors and Priests in a church.

The best way I can describe the sound of the shutter is as follows:

If you have a double sash window that goes up and down, and a window screen on the outside of this window; If your screen was raised about 3",
and then in one gentle constant movement you bring the screen down to the bottom of the window ( without slamming it) you would replicate the sound of the A100 shutter mechanism, IMHO.

6) I found the Optical Viewfinder a pleasure.
Being accustomed to my R-1's EVF, I felt like I was looking through my old Mamiya TLR again, just great. Sorry, I did not think about stopping down the aperture with the preview button.

7) I tried Manual Focus First. Maybe it was me, but the focus ring on the front of the lens was too narrow for me to actually touch. I had to foucus using the lens shade ( if that is what it was). How did it work?
Fantastic. In this sense: with the kit lens I had to turn the rind only about a quarter turn to obtain focus of anything in the store, under store lighting.
I could easily use manual focus on typical people shots without any difficulty at the store lighting level ( or brighter I assume.)
This is not to say how it would be in dimmer light.

8- The Autofocus seemed fast, but I can not accurately report on it as I did not know the camera's setting, focus points, etc.

9) The LCD was large in relation to the camera and the playback image went to the edges of the LCD, where the entire image appeared to be 'pasted' on the back of the camera.

No CF card. Sorry.

I present this as my subjective observations of the camera without an ax to grind, and without any conclusion at this time.

I hope this feedback provides you with some 'solid' info on this new camera.

Regards, Nicholas

EdGallagher Aug 1, 2006 5:30 AM

I got my rather fancy silver A-100 last week, I find it a perfect size for my hand and a joy to use. I find the LCD really quite useful and easy to read.

I plan to get a nice flash and macro lens (which I could also use for portraits as well).

My only niggle is not really with the camera but with the programs I have - Raw Shooter doesn't read the RAW file - and Elements 4 needs it imported from the Sony program. Anyone know if any updates are out to remedy this??

nickphoto123 Aug 1, 2006 7:56 AM

EdGallagher wrote:

My only niggle ..........................- and Elements 4 needs it imported from the Sony program. Anyone know if any updates are out to remedy this??
Are you saying you must use the Sony Program to 'decode' the Raw before PSE4 can open it?

I have no problems with my R-1 Raw.

Regards, Nicholas

JimC Aug 1, 2006 9:02 AM

EdGallagher wrote:

My only niggle is not really with the camera but with the programs I have - Raw Shooter doesn't read the RAW file - and Elements 4 needs it imported from the Sony program. Anyone know if any updates are out to remedy this??
Adobe Camera Raw 3.4 can read the files.

You need to download the newer plugin from Adobe for use with Elements 3 or 4 (or PS CS2). Apparently, Sony provided advance information to Adobe on the structure of the .arw files (it works with them just fine, including the as shot white balance feature).


nickphoto123 Aug 1, 2006 10:14 AM

Yes, that was my understanding too.

Looks like I will be trading in my F-828, D60, sigma 17-35, canon 70-300, canon 50 1.8 macro, vertical grip, canon advanced remote timer, extra battery and chargerfor the A100.

Something holds me back and I think I it will be better to trade the F828 for the 30D, since I have these other lens and two 550 EX ( which I use with my R-1).

Oh well, my R-1 places me in a position where I can wait.

Rgards, Nicholas

belgian pie Aug 3, 2006 2:10 AM

Went out tonight to test my new sony alpha 100 ...

All pics were made with kit lens 18-70, it's somewhat of a difference with my Fuji S9500 as the viewfinder is back to morror where the Fuji has a lowres LCD build in that actually shows what your doing ... but as an old school photographer it's not difficult to adapt backward :-)

The grip for my hands is OK, though it feels more slippery than the Fuji ... it's heavier but not to heavy and yes you can hear the mirror going (not the shutter) up which is actually something I like ... sounds as the old Russian zenith cams or Practicas from 20 years ago.

Anyways the first results are good.
And the raw conversion software is more complex than from the Fuji.

But I still need to learn how to master this tool because it's my first DSLR and I had my Fuji only from from the middle of May ... so, lot's of practicing to do, meaning taking a lot of pictures ...

belgian pie Aug 3, 2006 2:14 AM

A few more

This was one of my first images taken last week with it

Hawaii Built Aug 3, 2006 8:35 PM

i'm loving the dimly lit street. really really well done!

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