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I have been considering buying a Minolta 7D and my wife surprised me and bought me a 7D; however, she accidently ordered a Minolta Alpha Maxxum 7D--can anyone help me out here? From my research, I believe it is the same camera as the 7D sold in USA, but it is the Japanese verison---does anyone know if this is correct?? If I want a 7D, should I return this one or just keep it?? I was not sure if I would have any issues using this camera with our computer software, etc.Any advice/help would be greatly appreicated. Thanks
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I would hazard an educated guess in that the warranty would be the most likely issue. Getting service could be a problem, so whats new about that nowadays? Considering what I've seen posted, it appears that no one is getting satisfactory service on there 7d's. With KM handing it all over to Sony and Sony stating they run out of parts, who knows. I know I love my 7d and just hope no problems come about until Sony has cranked out their version. The A100 is a fine camera, but it's not a 7d. Yet.
Where are you located? depending on the market it was targeted for, there might be an minor issue with the charger, I.E. the plug and the voltage. The voltage solution might be as simple as sliding a switch from 220 to 110 or picking up a new charger on eBay. The cord, if it's like mine on the charger side, is pretty much generic, in my house extra power cords are competing with the white coat hangersfor numerical supremacy, looking at mineI know a drawer with 2 or 3 right off the bat.
Check the here and other forums like DPReview with a 5d, 7d, repair, Maxxum, Sony query. Here's a link:
Good luck!


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For Minolta/KM, 'Alpha' (in Asia)is the same as 'Maxxum' (in North America) and 'Dynax' (in Europe). It is the same body but I'd be concerned about warranty coverage if you're not in the zone where it was purchased. Then again, I'm not sure I'd return it- Sony's warranty coverage has left many KM owners wanting. It may improve but from what I've read (and heard from friends locally) I've decidedmy own 7d will go to the local repair guy to be fixed instead of to Sony's semi trained monkeys for buyback. At least my local repair guy will make an honest effort to get me shooting (and quickly) if I have a problem.
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