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I came across this string on photo.net: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-...mp;unified_p=1. what peaked my interest was the last post:

Martin Koopt , apr 19, 2006; 04:21 p.m.
You can use the 3500xi on the camera. Put both in wireless mode, but leave the flash mounted to the camera. Don't use AUTO, but P-mode. Lighting will be OK.

Now, I happen to have one of those flashes (Lately, I have been buying up Minolta Maxxum equipment and reselling the pieces, making a buck or two on ebay).

...unfortunately, after trying it, it turns out to be bogus. ALL pictures are grossly overexposed and it fires at full power, regardless of setting (wireless or not). Well, I answered my own question...
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I didn't think it would work.

My guess is that the OP had ISO speed set low, aperture stopped down, and range to subject far enough that it appeared to work.

You may want to post a comment in another thread here mentioning it (in case anyone searches for 3500xi and finds it). Scroll down and you'll find a post from Martin Koopt


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I have the 3200i, and tried it out. It washes the subject out on full power but does a decent job on low. I had it as a 2nd flash for my 800Si, and decided to try it out.

Another curious isse; my 5400HS will not work as a wireless flash with my 5D, weither when the 5600HS is on camera or off camera. However, on my 800Si, the 5400HS and 5600HS work fine in any scenario.

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