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fbutera Dec 27, 2005 12:39 AM

I am about ready to purchase a Konica Minolta 5D. I have had several Minolta cameras over the years including a Maxuum 7000i 35 mm SLR with a Minolta AF 35-105 mm lens, a Minolta AF 100-300 mm lens, and a Phoenix AF 19-35 mm lens. Questions:

1. Will all three of my Maxuum lenses work OK?

2. Should I purchase body only, or for $70 more, get the standard 18-70 mm DT lens?

3. For a trip to Thailand, where I will be able to recharge the battery every evening, do I need to purchase an extra batery? In other words, is the 400 pictures/battery charge in theproduct descriptionaccurate?

JimC Dec 27, 2005 7:11 AM

Your existing lenses should work just fine.

However, they will appear to be "longer" lenses when used on a 5D.

Because the sensor on the 5D is smaller than 35mm film, you need to multiply the actual focal length of the lens by ~ 1.5x (it's actually 1.53x), to see how the angle of view would compare to a 35mm model when using them on a DSLR.

For example, a 50mm lens used on the 5D would have the same angle of view as a 75mm lens on your 35mm camera (50 x 1.5 = 75). So, your 100-300mm lens would behave like a 150-450mm lens when used on a 5D.

That's great for the long end. But, can leave your lenses being too long on the wide end. It all depends on what you like to shoot. Your 17-35mm lens will behave like a 26-53mm lens.

You'll have to decide on the 18-70mm kit lens. It's small and light with relatively good focal range (but, it would overlap the focal range of your existing Phoenix).

The Kit lens is designed to be used only on DSLR models (it's image circle is too small for using it on a 35mm camera without seeing vignetting). Since it's price is so low when bundled with the 5D in a kit, I'd get it. I think it's well worth what they're asking for it, and you could always sell it on Ebay if you decided you didn't need it (probably for more than it's selling for in the kit).

As for your battery concerns, often when travelling overseas, hotels with have power adapters available for guest use. But, to be safe, get one before you leave.

The charger that comes with the 5D is designed for international use. It accepts 100-240v AC input. However, the removable power cord on models sold in the U.S., is designed for the U.S. It's a relatively common cord type. So, you could probably find one locally in Thailand somewhere with the correct plug type.

The forums here have an international membership. So, you may want to update your profile so that others can see where you're located when asking these types of questions (for example, if buy a 5D in Europe, you may not need an adapter for Thailand). ;-)

To be safe, I'd probably get a Power Plug adapter before you go. They're about $10, and can often be found in local electronics stores like Radio Shack. You simply plug your existing power cord into one of these adapters, and plug it into an outlet.

There are a number of web based resources specializing in power plug adapters, too. Here is an example (you'd plug the power cord included with your 5D charger into this plug adatper, which then plugs into the wall outlet). If you've got a local Radio Shack nearby, they sell plug adapters, too (I bought a travel kit from them a few years back for traveling in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with a laptop).

Battery life is quite good with the 5D. But, it will depend on how you use the camera. The ratings are based on a given mix of flash photos, LCD use, etc.

For example, if you use the LCD a lot for viewing photos, it could shorten your battery life. Ditto if you use the flash for a higher percentage of flash shots.

fbutera Dec 27, 2005 11:51 PM

Thanks for the info.

I have a universal voltage and outlet adaptor that has worked in several countries in Europe, New Zealand, India, and Nepal, but I will double check that it will work in Thailand also.

I took your advice about updating my profile.

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