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Steve's 5D review is almost finished (it's been in progress for while, but there are a lot of new cameras and Steve is swamped).

We'll make sure to post a new thread letting members know when it's completed and published..

Jim C.

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mikesjoint wrote:
Well Ian, it has been nearly a month that you have had your 5D, so far what do you think ? I called BHphoto yesterday and placed my order, now I am eagerly waiting like a kid on Christmas morning. Santa should come today in his big brown van, and I plan on greeting him at the door . Since there really have not been any solid reviews, I just wondered how has your experience been with it so far.

Still loving it - unfortunately work & weather has meant I really hven't done too much with it - I've a couple of fungus shots up in www.wildaboutbritain.co.uk - find bartonflyer in the gallery & those are mine (if you're not into funghi then you might not be too impressed :lol

I'm sure you'll love it - have you checked out http://www.dyxum.com/ it's dedicated to Minolta 5d & 7d?

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I've had mine for a couple of weeks and I think it is probably the best choice for a dslr in that range. Besides AS it takes great pics and the colors are unbeaten, The used market for lens is hot right now so I'm grabbing all the Ebay deals I can. The kit lens is well worth getting and will get you up and running from the start. My favorite used deal has been the 70-210 F4. How about having that kind of quality stabilized with a constant F4 for a $100? The 28-75 F2.8 stabilized is a thing only a 5D/7D can offer.
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Well Santa finally came in his brown van, The 5D has arrived. This is one nice rig. I will have to learn about all this iso and f-stop stuff. But I do supppose that is why I spent the bux for a dslr and not a better p-s camera. This is a FAST and RESPONSIVE rig I will say. Just messing around, in the yard chasing kids with the continuous AF, and BURST on, this thing will sure fire off some shots.

I have read that several people made comment about the loudness of the shutter and mirror slap. YES it is there to hear, But after shooting with a PS camera for so long, I actually like the noise, it let's me know that it actually did something. I suppose if it were a little less audible, maybe the animals wouldn't know you were there though.

Well, I will share a newbies photo after I take a few and see what I get....I guess school is about to be in huh....


p.s. anyone cares to share settings advice ,,please do, I know I have a long way to go, and a air show to go to next weekend, ....and a car show TOMORROW.....whew..

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one setting I'd suggest changing is the shutter release priority(change it to release priority). I guess its a preference thing, but I do find it annoying when the camera doesn't let me take a shot in AF mode if the AF is not focused....MF obviously bypass that, but I think it is helpful for low light situation....
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I use Natural+ and Sharpness +1 or+2. Seems to be a popular setting for less PP when shooting JPEG.
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