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I currently have a 7D with a 5600 HS D flash. I can use the wireless with the built in flash, but was wondering about the following questions..

1) Can I use a 3600 HS D as a wireless controller instead of the built in flash on the 7D? Will I be able to control the ratio?

2) Can I use a 3600 HS D as a second wireless flash and use the built in flash as a third flash?

Same two questions as above but replace the 3600 HS D with a 5600 HS D...

I guess I need to know whether I should buy another 5600 HS D or a 3600 HS D.



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You can use either the 3600HS or 5600HS in wirelesswith the on-board flash as the trigger, or use either flash to trigger 1 or more of either flash. You can also mix 3600/5600 for dual wireless operation. As to which flash to buy, If money was no object I would get a 2nd 5600HS. Remember that the 3600HS doesn't swivel, and if something happens to the 5600, it would be nice to have a duplicate back up.
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Will I be able to control the ratio?

KM DSLR bodies won't work that way, even though you had this ability with the film 7 body.

If you want to use TTL wireless flash and control ratio, you could try using a diffuser/filter over one of the strobes to reduce the light from it.

But, you can't use them in wireless ratio mode (they will overexpose if you try to use them set to ratio mode, and KM has already confirmed that this feature is not available using them with DSLR bodies).

Short answer (from the interactive Q&A/FAQ before KM removed it from their site after the transfer to Sony):

"Question: Is it possible to use wireless/remote ratio flash?
Answer: No, it isn't."

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