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MartinSykes May 2, 2011 2:49 PM

A580 - mixed shots from today
Just a few pictures from a trip out today. Taken with the a580 and either the 18-55 kit lens or the Tamron 70-300. Experimented a bit with manual mode today - I think the only thing I'd like to see is an 'almost-fully-manual' mode where I could fix the aperture and shutter speed but have the auto-ISO. Still, I'm still impressed with the quality of the images I'm getting from it. I've set the contrast to -1 in camera and then apply a bit of AutoHDR later to sharpen/improve contrast a bit.

Couple of owls from the aviary:

There was also a mini car-rally on. Apologies for the petrol-heads here for not remembering what these were. The first was a Ford.

And finally the kids went in the water-balls

Shootist May 5, 2011 7:41 AM

I guess what sealed MY A580 choice was the little fact that Dx0 labs rated it as the 11th best digital camera (in terms of sensor performance) in the world:

The next cameras on their list are $1500, $1300, $3000, and $9000 respectivly! Go SONY!

I actually was going to sell my Canon HD camcorder and go 100% to this thing but...

They're about 85% there but SLRs are really not the right format for video yet.

They're actually using flip-less (OMFG!) mirror cameras with semi-translucent mirrors now (SLT-55) that are waaaaaaaaay cool. Again, SONY (really Minolta bought by Sony) is pioneering that.

The problem? We're still in an era where an SLR does either video well or photos well....

The good? They pretty much all do both pick your preference and you get to have the other on the side. You can bet I'll shoot some gorgeous landscape/nature videos with this camera - but not of kids so much - camcorders are better at that. Strangely enough - I saw that 3 years ago when I started all this - and it's still true - but not quite so pronounced.

I came into this SLT-55 all the way...because it does both well - it's really a a SLR video cam.

But God Darn it...I started *reading* and....sorry - the "Mr. Still Photo" in me can't pass up something like that A580 I bought. It's this 12 month era's masterpiece and takes all my vintage cheapie (but shaarp!) lenses I bought off E-Bay over the last 2 years. The circle is my SLR system is REALLY REALLY good....and for peanuts.

Also...I asked the wife if I could sell our HD full 1080i HV-20 camcorder and she said no....she likes using it and doesn't want to touch my $850 camera with $300 lens on it...or let the kids get to it - and I concur ; ) The camcorder cost us $299 refurb and it's solid and 'cheap as chips' to shoot - each 9GB tape was bought 2 years ago for like .75 cents each at Costco!

The bottom line is: I have a tendency to spend about 85% of my time shooting stills. I know the medium better, it's much easier to share, and of course you could actually PRINT (we just did a bit collage of 42 paper photos from digital) them...


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