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Forgive me if this question is trivial or nit-picky. I will soon be ready to make the switch from my film Maxxum to either the 5D or 7D. I've read everything, and I mean everything, on both cameras and I'm pretty sure I'll go for the 5D. The 7D is probably more camera than I need and I held a 5D for the first time today at a local HHGregg and I like it's small package. I also held a Nikon d50 and a Canon Rebel XT. I didn't like the Canon at all and my heart is set on the 5D (as soon as I can afford it).

Well...here's my question...is the shutter mechanism on the KM and Canon different? I was really impressed by the speed in burst mode, but the sound of the 5D was plastic-ish (is that a word?!?) For lack of a better word, the Canon sounded "cooler".

This certainly wouldn't sway me away from the KM, I was just curious why the difference in sound.

Thanks for any input and keep the feedback on the 5D coming! The salesman is gonna get sick of me coming to his store to "visit" my camera!!

p.s. JimC you have been very instrumental in my decision...but iks-nay on the Minolta lens advice. All the bargains on e-bay are being gobbled up!!

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DrChris wrote:
p.s. JimC you have been very instrumental in my decision...but iks-nay on the Minolta lens advice. All the bargains on e-bay are being gobbled up!!

Yep, I just got a 5Dmyself. So far, I think it's going to be a"keeper". It was a struggle deciding between the 7D and 5D, especially since the prices have come down on the 7D (prices are almost the same after the new 7Drebate, and I'm going to want an adapter for the hot shoe to use pc cord attached flashes -- adding more cost to the 5D).

I knew I'd go with one or the other. I've had enough photos ruined by camera shake over the years (not to mention all of the times I've had to concentrate on controlling breathing,smoothly squeezing the shutter button, etc.) that I recognize it's value.

But, I started buying Minolta AF lenses in July (my existingSLR gear wasNikonprior to starting MinoltaAF lens purchases about 3 months back)

I was checking keh.com, bhphotovideo.com, and adorama.com over the weekend (I'm looking for a 200mm f/2.8 at a bargain price), and I could barely believe it. They used to have a *LOT* more lenses in Maxxum mount (the popular ones at bargain prices have been nabbed alreadY)..

I had a feeling that was going to happen (with KM's initial production of 50,000 cameras/month for the 5D). That's one reason started buying some lenses first (so I'd get them at bargain prices *before* the feeding frenzy started). :-)

So, you'll have to be faster and smarterthan the other guy to find the bargains now (darn it, I wasn't quite finished shopping yet).

The same thing happened when Pentax started shipping some of their DSLR models in larger quantities (all of the primes and more popular lenses at bargain prices on the used market gotboughtup fast).

As for the shutter, yep, it's a bit different. But, it's not too loud for me (of course, I'm about half deaf in one ear, and don't hear too wellwith the other).My wife thinks it's just "selective hearing" though. :-)

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Wow, you finally decided Jim. I'm still waffling between the 2, or waiting for the 7DII. I've only been researching my new camera for 18 months now, whats a few more months of waiting.

What made you choose the 5D? I've almost decided it's my camera, just worried about the small buffer and the low res screen.
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