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For two year I put on hold the acquisition of a digital SLR. Now that Minolta has one and is compatible with my present AF lenses I could jump into digital.

But the price ! So what are your thoughts ? I am no professional photographer. Using classic 24x36 films I try to be very careful with what I take and rarely avoid several pictures of the same subject with different angles or depth. Having a very good film camera I still wonder if getting into digital is wise. If my photocamera dies I would not hesitate a second and go SLR digital. What would be the advantages to go digital now ?

Roger :?
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If just shooting and developing your pictures is all that interests you, I don't see a reason to go digital. The picture quality should be as good if not better with your 35mm camera.

BUT... if you're really into the photography hobby, which I'm going out on a limb here and say yes you are because you found this website, than digital offers a wrold of advantages. Imagine all your current Minolta lenses becoming anti-shake. Being able to adjust the white balance, etc.. Taking those pictures from different angles that you won't do with your film. Shooting forever and not worrying if you have enough film left. The list goes on and on.

For me personnaly, these advantages have made me take better pictures, and have put a lot of more fun and enjoyment in taking pictures. Post-photo processing can be fun. Printing at home. Printing professionally only the ones you want, like or have modified. It goes on and on.

Is it worth the "big" money for the camera?

I bought it..and couldn't imagine shooting without it:!:

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Thank you.

Worth it ? That depends the value to one's eye about a hobby. I also love flight simulation. And it does not come cheap once you get really hooked.

I suppose it is the same with photos. I don't really make a lot of pictures (+- 300/year) but I like to choose what I do (mainly towns and houses of Europe) and avoid the typical hollidays pictures with the wife and children competing with the subject of the photo. Digital could bring me to get more involved but that is not a certainty.

Well I suppose my resistance to digital will be vainquished in the months ahead. Meanwhile I will stick around and as with flight simulator I will find more and more sites on the subject.

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