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Has anyone here used both the Sony/Minolta 5600 flash with metz 54 to control lighting ratios? It came as a surprise to me that the metz does not have wireless HSS (oh impulsive buying!). However I'd still like to make the best of it.
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It's my understanding that the KM DSLR models do not support ratio flash (that was a film only feature that did not make it to digital).

Also, it's my understanding that you can't even use more than one 5600HS (D) in HSS with Wireless for some reason. It probably has something to do with synchronizing the pulses between more than one strobe if I had to guess.

So, from what I can determine, if you planned on using multiple strobes with wireless, you'd probably need to stick within the sync speed limits anyway, even if you had multiple 5600's (not to mention the big drop in range you have if you go over the camera's sync speed with HSS).

A poster on another forum has both a Metz and KM strobe, and I seem to remember him posting that he uses the Metz in Aperture Mode wirelessly, along with a 5600HS and controls his ratio that way somehow. I don't remember the specifics.

Gary Friedman has an article you may want to read to get some ideas (he goes into using flash distance to control ratio).


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