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Default Damaged 5D - Help?

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help me out with this. I had a Minolta MAXXUM 5d accidentally take a fall from a shelf last night, and it seems to have developed an internal issue.

When turned on, the camera is making a loud and powerful vibration for maybe 5-6 seconds, and then it seems fine, however depressing the shutter doesn't seem to do anything.

I read online that it seems to be a problem with the anti-shake motor, and found a work-around that seems to be allowing the camera to shoot in the meantime (bypassing the anti-shake check by letting it go to 'sleep').

However, I'm wondering if anyone has any permanent suggestions or possible long-term fixes, repair cost ideas?

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It looks like Precision (an authorized repair center for KM and Sony dSLR models wants $250.95 to fix it. Select Minolta and you'll see a listing for the Maxxum 5D that lets you get an estimate (they use flat rate pricing to fix most models now).


So, you may want to consider buying one of the newer Sony dSLR models, since they can use your Minolta AF lenses (Sony bought Konica Minolta's camera related assets and continued manufacturing dSLR models using the same technology and lens mount system).
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Note that you posted this in the Konica Minolta Forum in our Point and Shoot section, and we have a separate dSLR section, with a forum setup for discussion of both Sony and Konica Minolta dSLR models (combined, since many users have both brands, and the underlying technology Sony uses was an evolution of Konica Minolta technology using the same lens mount system). For example, I have a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D and a Sony A700, and both use my Minolta AF lenses and have anti-shake built into the camera.

This is the forum for Sony and Konica Minolta dSLR models.


So, I've moved your thread to it.

BTW, Welcome to Steve's.
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I sent a Maxxum 5D to Precision three times. The first time, was for the FBB issue. When I received it, the anti-shake didn't work (probably because it got damaged in shipping.) I sent it back, complaining about the AS, and when they checked it out, they couldn't find anything wrong (presumably because they had it on a test bench while they were doing so, so it didn't shake) and returned it to me. I complained again (more emphatically this time) and sent it back again. This time they admitted that the AS didn't work, but they didn't have parts in stock, and would have to order them. I waited for over a month, when I was finally told that the AS worked now, and they had sent it back to me. When I received it, again, the AS didn't work (again, presumably because it was damaged in shipping after they had fixed it.)

I gave up, sold it on eBay for what I could get, and bought something else.

That was two years ago.

My guess is that you got a lot of use out of your 5D. I suggest that, if you've got some lenses and accessories for it, you go shopping for a new Sony Alpha.
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