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I was wondering, should I send my3-month old Minolta 5D and 3600HS flash to Minolta for calibration before it switches over to Sony? If so, is there a charge to have this calibration done on the 5D? I've read about people sending in their 7D and 5600/3600 flash for a free calibration but not the 5D.

Does the 5D have a flash calibration issue like the 7D? If so, why is it not mentioned on the Minolta site like the 7D? I'm surprised at the number of over and undexposed pictures taken with the 5D/3600HS. Just doesn't seem consistent or make sense with the settings that Iuse. How can a shot get so overexposedin a dark room anyways?



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I doubt the issues were solved with the 5D. It's my understanding that the "curve" for preflash strength with some flash units needed to be adjusted for proper operation with the 7D. So, you may want to see if they can make it work better with your 5D, too.

Make sure you don't have a setting wrong somewhere causing it, too. For example, your overexposure issue could be that you're just too close for the ISO speed and aperture selected for the flash to be able to "throttle down" enough.

It could also be occuring because of a darker subject (which can fool metering systems because they don't reflect as much light).

You could also have the flash mode set wrong (ADI versus TTL) for the type of lens you're using. ADI only works right with ADI (D) lenses.

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