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I'm a low life I mean a low light junkie; and, the 5D is mine till cameras can see as I see. Seems that'll be a while. Meanwhile, capturing a scene as I see it is tough many a time. A while back I posted my 1st picture here. I PPd it as best I could. I have no PP skills although I have MS Digital Image Pro, Irfanview, etc. Anyway. I wished I could have made it look the way it was, but the scene while extraordinary was also a Dynamic Range Nightmare. The replies DUW got to his question about capturing the sky were excellent. Not long ago Willow demonstrated a remarkable HDR Tone Mapping program in the Panasonic Forum that had amazing ability to deal with the Dynamic Range wall we all hit hard. http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23

All of that made me think about the dark picture I posted here which was taken with at -2EV, then foolishly brought up 1EV in Picasa. The 2nd photo is the way that same picture came out of the camera except for reduction for the forum. Maybe Willow found the answer for the present. I guess I'll have to look further into it. BUT, at this point maybe I should shoot'em as best I can and leave them alone afterward. Which do you think is the better photo, or do you think I need to buckle down and really learn a good program.

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Cameras never have and never will see as you see. You have to understand where they are different and adapt. In the case of wide dynamic range, Photoshop is where you'll have to go. There are a couple of work-arounds for dynamic range problems. I suggest you visit photoshop forums and search for the topic.

One that is easiest is to slightly overexpose, because sensors see a lot more into brightness than the human eye. Using RAW images you can expose for the shadows and recover the highlights - not to infinity, but it's amazing what can be done.
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