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Yesterday i became the proud owner of a 5D and i'm very pleased with it. However being an eyeglasses wearer it's not that great for me (not the fault of the camera, just the nature of SLRs). The diopter adjustment isn't enough for my right eye so i was thinking of getting one of the eyepiece correctors so it would take it that bit further. My main concern is that this may not work as i have an astygmatism in that eye.

Has anyone had a similar experience to this and know if one of the eyepiece correctors would work for me. Either that or i can use the force and trust the Auto Focus.

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I don't know the answer to your question. But, don't feel alone.

I'm blind as a bat without my glasses, and the eye relief of the 5D's viewfinder makes it a challenge to use when wearing them. I knew that when I got it, and decided that I could live with it.

But, looking through some shots when I switched to Manual Focus when light was "iffy" not long ago, I think I'd better start trusting my Autofocus more and using it instead of my eyes -- even if it is a bit harder to get a lock when lighting is low. ;-)

Or, perhaps I should look into the possibility of a different viewfinder screen for the 5D (I don't know if it's replaceable or not). Modern DSLR models are just not designed with viewfinders that are "Manual Focus Friendly". LOL

A better viewfinder (and focus screen) would be on my wish list for a 5D replacement (i.e., don't make us go to a larger and heavier camera to get a better viewfinder).

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I am also a glasses wearer and although not that strong of a prescription my MF shots sometimes seem I do have issue with that(low light as well, as JimC). I recently got myself a Vn Magnifier which basically just magnifies the image of the VF. I'll update when I get a chance to use it....
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Thanks for the replies. I think i'll see how much they cost, and if cheap i'll just get one and see if it works.

Another alternative i thought of is to just take every shot in portrait orientation with the camera on it's side and use my left eye, as the diopter adjustment is more than enough for that one. I could use my left eye normally, but my nose gets in the way. :-)
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purchase a cheap after market diopter correction eyepiece

bring it to your optometrist and ask him to make an astigmatism only lens for it in landscape mode

then you can use the built in dioper adjustment as your glasses change in the future

$pricy but very very effective!
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I have poor distance vision and was lucky enough to come across a 'traditional' camera shop selling off some end-of-stock 1000 Eyepiece correction lenses cheap...

...my own prescription [right-eye] is -3.75, so the 5D's built-in correction's not strong enough, but I got a -4 and find that plus a slight adjustment from 'middle' of the in-built gives what I need...

... as I'm now thinking about getting a 7D body, I'm kinda hoping they've got another tucked away in a drawer somewhere !

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