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Send it in right now. Don't wait.
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Looks like this thread has become alive again. It sure does seem like your problem is more extreme than mine, Breezy. In my case, it is always only the 1st shot that blacks out, and the problem is always resolved after switching the camera off and back on again, and only reoccurs if it sits for 24 hours or more. And then again, not always. In fact for a week straight the problem had disappeared and the camera started up perfectly even after sitting for a day or two, but then this morning it blacked out again on the first shot.

So, I am at a crossroads here. Should I send it in for repair or not? I already cleaned the contacts several times and that did not resolve the problem. We are dealing what is called "Error 58" and apparently quite commonly discussed in other forums, especially in dpreview. I have heard that the problem could get worse, but might not.

I know that I am out of warranty since I only had 6 months on my refurbished 5D. So, I am not sure if I should just wait and see or send it in for repair. I think Sony should repair it for free since this seems to be a common defect of the kind that would warrant a recall. Also the problem started occurring when I was in Germany, pretty much on the day of my 6-month anniversary of owning the camera. So, it went bad during the warranty period, but I did not get a chance until later to realize that this was not just a fluke, but a defect.

In any case, does anybody know if Sony has a customer service line where I can actually reach someone and maybe get an authorization so they'll cover it. And if not, any idea what they would charge to fix it and how long it would take?

Any input would be great. I already have the camera bagged up for repair, but I really don't want to send it out if it costs me hundreds of dollars and takes several weeks. Instead, I couldjust live with it if it doesn'tget worse.

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That's up to you.

KM seems to have more parts available lately (from 7D reports I've seen). But, I haven't noticed many 5D reports showing the same yet.

If they diagnose the shutter mechanism they will probably offer a pro-rated refund if you have a receipt and they don't have parts.

If they do have parts, my guess would be around $200 to fix it (just a guess, but I wouldn't expect it to cost much less than that).

My 5D is working fine now. So, I'm not about to send mine in.

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