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Two questions, actually:

(1) can one use a dedicated flash in auto-thyristor mode on the 5D/7Ds if the flash is dedicated to another brand? I can think of several reasons why not, but if one is not using any dedicated functions and is simply triggering the flash unit, why not?

(2) When looking for a flash, how do we find out the trigger voltage and what is the requirement for use on the 5D?

TIA _ Chuck
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If the flash is dedicated to another brand it probably won't attach to the hot shoe on the Minolta 5D. Minolta's hot shoes are unique from other brands, to me the bracket is the opposite configuration of most other hot shoe brackets. Unless you plan on using a PC sync cord to attach a flash dedicated to a brand other than Minolta.
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I just noticed this post, after responding to your question about flash duration:


If you get the Minolta FS1100, it will give your KM 5D an ISO standard hotshoe. This adapter sells for under $30 at vendors like Adorama:


KM has never published the specs for trigger voltage limits for the hotshoes on these models. So, I'd suggest using a strobe with a relatively low trigger voltage via an FS1100 (it does not have any voltage protection built in like the PCT-100 does).

Some of our forum members do use some of the strobes like the Sunpak 422D and 433D Auto Thryistor strobes with the 5D via an FS1100 adapter (even though they were dedicated to other camera models).

The Sunpaks are popular choices with Digital Cameras that have ISO standard hotshoes, since many of them can also work in Auto modes (not reliant on communicatng with the camera, except for triggering the flash). Most of their models have lower trigger voltages compared to some of the older Vivitars, etc.


I only paid $48 for my flash system, including a third party adapter to give the 5D an ISO standard hotshoe *and* two strobes.

My flash system:

* $16 for a third party adapter to give the 5D an ISO standard hotshoe. If you can't find a third party adapter, the Minolta FS1100 will work at slightly more (but, less than $30 from most vendors).

* a Sunpak 222 Auto with tilt and two aperture ranges for a smaller flash unit (GN of about 72 feet at ISO 100) for $7.00 from KEH.com (and they even through in a nice, coiled PC Sync Cord with it).

* a Sunpak 333 Auto with tilt, swivel and zoom head with multiple auto aperture ranges, as well as better manual settings (full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16).

GN runs from 86 feet to 120 feet at ISO 100, depending on the zoom head setting. I got this one for $25 (like new in box in 10 condition from the used department at B&H).

Total Flash System Investment: $48

Both strobes have nice scales for aperture needed for the selected auto range based on the ISO speed selected (aperture choice needed varies with ISO speed), going from ISO 25 through ISO 1000.

You simply select an Auto Aperture Range, set the ISO speed scale to the desired speed, and it will show you the distances you can shoot at for the range selected and what aperture to use.

For example, at ISO 200, with one of the ranges, one of the strobes may show an Aperture of f/5.6 for 3 to 25 feet. So, you set the camera to ISO 200 and f/5.6 and shoot within 3 to 25 feet (letting the flash control it's own output, based on how much reflected light it sees).

You lose features like wireless and HSS. But, it's an inexpensive solution that avoids some of the "quirks" associated with a preflash based system.
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