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I bought a new KM Maxxum 7D 12/05 and like the way it performs.....when it does. There are two symptoms:1. If I haven't used the camera for a few days, it will not turn on. Placing the battery in the charger for as little as 2 minutes will get it started even if the battery is already fully charged.Sometimes this happens when I am using the camera. Then the LCD freezes with a fuzzy and distorted image. Then the only way to unfreeze the camera is to remove the battery. Then I have to go through all the machinations with the battery and charger to get going again.2. Some times the shutter freezes with the image counter in the view finder (lower right corner" reading "0." Then you have to reformat the CF card and reset to default setting on the camera. befor the shutter will release. Sometimes this will not work either but leaving the camera alone overnight works.Should I just send the camera in for repairs or try other fixes. I am worrried that I will have to get the camera replaces like jomac in Canada did:http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...139#p460139Any help would be appreciated.
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Try cleaning the lens mount contacts. Ditto for the battery contacts.

Your observation on recharging the battery for a short time correcting the issue implies a bad connection (and these are usually caused by oxidation on contacts).

Have you tried a different battery in case it's defective?

You can get specialized contact cleaners for cleaning contacts (for example, Radio Shack carries a contact cleaning "pen" with a wick at the tip and special cleaning fluid that doesn't leave a residue. Just because they look shiney doesn't mean they are clean for conductivity purposes.

In a pinch, a Q-tip and some alcohol is sometimes used (but, due to high water contact in most off the shelf "isopropyl alcohol" it's not a "recommended solution". Be careful, and do these kinds of things at your own risk.

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I would have to say that this almost certainly sounds like a defective battery.

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