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Hey guys, im an amateur with a question about the maxxum 7d and 5d. Im looking at buying one of these and have a question about compatitbility. I have a film maxxum 5 with a few lenses and I don't know how to tell if they will work on the dSLRs. Can you help. I have a AF 75-300 and a AF 28-100thanks for any helpdavid
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Any Maxxum/Dynax lens will work on a Konica Minolta DSLR.

They will also work on the Sony Alpha DSLR models (not yet released). You should see at least one announced in June (but they may not be available until later in the summer).

Your lenses will appear to be 50% longer on a DSLR (because the sensors are smaller than 35mm film).

Basically, you multiply the focal length of the lens by 1.5 to see how the angle of view would compare to a lens on a 35mm camera. It's actually 1.52x, but it's usually rounded to 1.5

So, your 28-100mm lens on a DSLR would be like using a 42-150mm lens on your 35mm Maxxum.

That's great if you want a longer lens. But, it's not so great if you want something wider. That's one reason some of the kit lenses start out at around 18mm now.

They are Minolta lenses, right? If not, third party lenses will still work, too (and also have the advantages of anti-shake). But, from time to time you see some compatibility issues with the way some of the older Sigma lenses were chipped. Sometimes Sigma can rechip them to work, and sometimes they can't. So, be careful buying some of the older ones.

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