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I have a 2 Minoltas I love!! The 7000i 35mm, and the 7D digital. I have 6 lenses also. I plan on using them and buying more used lenses/accesories whenever possible.

I guess the real disappointment is that no longer can we look forward to another great camera from Minolta. Canon and Nikon are indeed excellent cameras, but I think they have always had favortism over Minolta in most reviews..present website excluded.

One particular review that upset me, was when comparing the Nikon D70, the Canon 20D and the Minolta 7D. The 7D had the lowest rating because it was $300-400 more. Well...duh!! Did the other 2 models have anti-shake?!?!? So your average "Joe" would see the lower rating and stay away from the Minolta..I disagree. Cameras should be rated on their features, image and build quality. In that case, it would win hands down!! Anyone out there picked up the 20D!? ( Cheap compared to the 7D, but does have awesome image quality, not denying that. Let the consumer decide if they want to spend the extra money for a better camera. It's like comparing a GEO to a Cadillac. The GEO would be rated better because it's much cheaper?? Whatever.

Well, I'm getting off the main topic, but it felt good to get that off my chest.

Thanks Minolta for building 2 GREAT digital SLR's before you leave us!! I hope they are a reflection of previous built cameras and will give us years of happy picture taking!
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>>"I guess the real disappointment is that no longer can we look forward to another great camera from Minolta."

To extend a bad quote "I feel your pain!" I feel that Sony has less ambition to do cutting edge technology than Minolta does/did. Too bad for the consumer, and even the holders of Canon and Nikon. With less pushing them, we will probably see less R and D cutting edge from them too.

I love my 7D and my 7.


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In 1987 I bought my first Minolta Camera, the top of the line 9000 model. For almost 20 years, I enjoyed using it and it is still in perfect shape. After long delay, Minolta finally introduced their first SLR camera with perhaps unexpected lower resolution compared to competitors. I bought the 7D last year and it certainly did not disappoint me (especially when compared to my first digital camera, the extremely slow Olympus E-10!). I was unhappy that Minolta withdrew from the Canadian market last October but it seems that it was the beginning of the end for its photo products line. The recent news of takeover by Sony would probably leave us with some hope that they keep this beautiful camera in their line of produces. The 7D is a great camera and I agree with1958fury that this camera has nothing less than Canon 20D or Nikon 70s.
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I have been shooting with Minolta cameras since 1972. They are an excellent product, and as said before, way under rated. I use a Maxxum 9 for weddings and have been totally impressed with this camera. My appetite has been wet for a 9-D for sooooooo long and have been patiently waiting for one to show up on the scene any time soon. I am extremely disappointed to hear the news about Konica-Minolta dropping their camera production. Has anyone heard from Sony on this matter? Will Sony give us "Die-Hard Minolta fans a glimmer of hope?Anxiously waiting![img]/forums/images/emoticons/oogle.gif[/img]And what about K-M's proprietary flash???? I hope someone from Sony can ease our minds on this. Didn't even sleep much last night after hearing the news.Ans
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