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We were told that the lenses from our OLD SLR's would fit our new 5D. We have many lenses to fit our older minoltas (up to 1000mm). I tried and they don't fit. Is there an adapter ring made for these? We sure would like to be able to use these on the new body. In fact if they can be made to fit, we will probably buy another 5D or 7D
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It sounds like you've got a Manual Focus Minolta (MC/MD lens mount).

Minolta abandoned that lens mount 21 years ago when they introduced the world's first Autofocus SLR (the Maxxum 7000). ;-)

However, a relatively low profile Minolta rocked the entire photographic community in January 1985 with a new breed of AF camera which has a revolutionary concept that made it differed from other "mainstream industrial design" adopted by other makers. "New" because there were two major factors of which one of them has a great impact to the existing Minolta users - the Company decided to drop support for the older MC/MD mount and replaced with an fully electronic lens mount with no backward compatibility.


Any Minolta Autofocus Lens (a.k.a., Minolta AF, Maxxum, Dynax, Minolta A-Mount) will work on a KM DSLR.

Yes, you can find adapters for your old MC/MD mount lenses. But, they have some drawbacks.

In order to focus to infiinity with a KM DSLR, you usually need one with the equivalent of a 1.4x teleconveter built in. So, the lenses would appear be even longer, in addtion to the 1.5x multiplier you have even without an adapter (and you'd lose a stop of light from the use of this type of converter, too).

In addition, since the camera can't "talk" to the old lenses via an adapter, you can't control the aperture via the camera, and the camera won't know what it's set to. As a result, you'll need to meter "stopped down", making your viewfinder even dimmer at smaller apertures.

KM even has one (has a 2x TC built in, so you'd lose 2 stops of light with this one). B&H is out of stock though:

KM MD to Maxxum Lens Adapter at B&H

They also carry some third party adapters. But, it's my understanding you'll need one with at least a 1.4x TC built in to focus to infinity with Minolta Manual focus lenses on a KM DSLR model using one.

I've got a brother-in-law with an SRT-101 and a very nice lens collection. So, I've considered getting an adapter from time to time so I could borrow some of his lenses.

But, I've already started a collection of primes for my Maxxum 5D, so I'll probably just skip an adapter. I've got the 28mm f/2, 50mm f/1.7, 100mm f/2 and 135mm f/2.8 so far in Minolta AF mount (and I got them all at bargain prices on the used market), without the drawbacks of trying to use an adapter with MC/MD mount lenses. In addition, the viewfinder/focusing screen on a 5D isn't the best for manual focus either.

I've also started a collection of zooms in Minolta AF mount (finding most of them at bargain prices on the used market, too).

BTW, we've got a dedicated Konica Minolta Digital SLR Forum here, where you'll find lots of friendly foks with KM DSLR models that are willing to help out with any questions you have.

I'll move this forum thread there now for you.

Welcome to the Forums!

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