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I still have a Minolta 35mm camera with two lenses, the 50mm 1:1.7 and the Tamron 28-200mm. I travel, so I'm tired of the problems of checking my film and getting it through the airports in some foreign countries without x-rays doing harm. No problems in the USA, but try hand checking in Russia. With this in mind, I decided to get a digital camera and picked the 5D since I could use both of my lenses, as well as, the new 5D kit lens. I use the 50mm when I'm indoors and can't use flash, and the 28-200 for most other uses.

6/4/06 bought the KM5D from Wolf Camera with a 10 day money back if I didn't like it. I ran some test shots with the 18-70 kit lens, the 50mm Minolta and the 28-200 Tamron. I also took the same shots with my wife's Canon Power Shot S400. I then asked my wife to look at the results and pick the best shots. In about 70% of the shots, she picked the Canon shots. Next was the 50mm and then the kit lens. The 28-200 shots were last in all cases. Well, my reason for picking the Km 5D to take advantage of the leses I already owned, turned out to be not so good a reason.

I liked the feel, features and price of the 5D, and I like the view using a dSLR, but I sure didn't like the image results. I was pondering what to do and then the news of the Sony 100 came out and I decided to wait for the reviews rather then keep the KM5D. To their credit Wolf Camera took the camera back without any big fuss and suggested the Rebel XT, since they have had no reports of problems and many reports of good results with that camera.

I'll wait for the Sony results and maybe look at the Pan - Lun 30 or the Sony R1 while I wait. If I get the Sony 100 I'll still keep the 50 mm Minolta, but unless I get better results with the Tamron, I'll buy the Sony lens in the 18 - 200 range.
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If you prefer the "punch" of the Canon's color, try upping the saturation in the camera's menu. Many Canon fans do this when they go to better manufacturers. (couldn't resist)
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I did the same test with the 5d, but against my a2, Z2 and a Kodak 5MP (7480?). The Z2 and Kodak's results were more punchy than the 5d but, after I took some shots of the green lawn, I realized they were not more accurate. Reminded me of the old Kodachrome vs. Ektachrome debates I had a decade ago. I alsways prefered Ektachrome, too.

I also had my daughter stand in one of the shots with a MacBeth color check chart. Close up exam showed the A2 to have the most detail (you could read the writting on the chart) but WAY more random color noise than the 5D. The 5D also showed much less color fringing than any of the others. I can't wait to see what Sony can do with a 10+MP sensor!
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