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I just purchased the 7D, but didn't buy the Mack extended warranty because (1) I've read quite a few negative comments about their value, and (2) Mack has multiple warranties depending on the purchase price, but the sellers don't clarify that properly (and neither does Mack), so you can buy coverage for a camera that wouldn't actually be covered. So...

(1) Can I buy extended coverage from Konica-Minolta ?
(2) What did you do to extend your one-year original coverage ?
(3) Does anyone have experience with other warranties?


Bedford, TX

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George, from what I have read on extended warranties, and experienced as well, I don't like them. I don't know what kind of warranty came with your camera, but for most products, not just cameras, if anything is going to go wrong with it from a manufcaturer's standpoint (parts that go bad, etc), it will probably happen in the first few months you have it. If it makes it through the first few months OK, it probably will not need any extended warranty. Obvioiusly, companies want you to buy extended warranties, because they make a lot of money on them, knowing that most folks will probably never have to use them.

Having said that, I know others will swear by them, and suggest that you go ahead and get the extension. Some warranties cover ANYTHING that happens, even if it is YOUR fault (Wolf/Ritz Camera has a warranty plan that will cover everything, even if you drop the camera and break it). That kind of warranty might be worth it, especially if you use your camera a lot in rough situations where it might get damaged.

Hope this observation helps.

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