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norma Dec 31, 2005 7:10 AM

I still have been using my old Minolta XG1 SLR camera. I would like to go to a digital SLR. Can the old lenses be used on the new KonicaMinolta SLR digitals?

JimC Dec 31, 2005 8:11 AM

Minolta changed the lens mount with their Autofocus Cameras, beginning in 1985 with the Maxxum 7000.


However, a relatively low profile Minolta rocked the entire photographic community in January 1985 with a new breed of AF camera which has a revolutionary concept that made it differed from other "mainstream industrial design" adopted by other makers. "New" because there were two major factors of which one of them has a great impact to the existing Minolta users - the Company decided to drop support for the older MC/MD mount and replaced with an fully electronic lens mount with no backward compatibility.
All Minolta Autofocus Lenses will work with the KM Maxxum 5D or 7D.

But, your older MD mount lenses won't work without an adapter (and since these lenses won't talk to the camera, you'd need to meter stopped down if you can find an adapter that works).

red71 Jan 1, 2006 8:32 AM

MD, MC, ROKKOR lenses need an adapter that will "degrade" lens quality for much...
Forget it and try to get AF lenses.

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