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Can someone give me a basic idea on RAW conversion with the DiMAGE software? I have the software, can't find the instruction booklet. I just shot my first RAW, simply for experimentation, and am sitting here staring at the screen trying to figure out what to do with the things. I'm pretty efficient at PSCS2, so I'm sure that part I'll figure out...but CS2 doesn't convert. If anyone could help, Thanks!
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Judging from your posting history, you have a Maxxum 5D.

PS CS2 can convert the .mrw files from it.

You just need to install a newer ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) Plugin. It's supported it for quite a while now (multiple versions of Camera Raw have included the Maxxum/Dynax 5D).

You can download the newest (3.6) version from Adobe.


Just select your platform (Windows or Mac) and it will take you to a download page. Then, make sure to follow the directions on that page (it's just a matter of copying the plugin to the correct folder to get it working).

There are many other raw converters that can convert the files, too.

Even though I shoot with a KM 5D (and shoot in raw pretty often), I can't help you with the KM DiMAGE software (I've never bothered to install it). Perhaps someone else can let you know how it works.

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If I can download the adobe plug in anyone can and I managaged it for my Sony. PSc2 is the best in my opinion to work with raw. I shoot in nothing but raw and really like the conversion with PSC2
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I'd really give the DiMage software a miss. I used it briefly until I saw that it seems to do the same 8 bit conversion as JPEG as soon as you open the RAW file.A conversion thatmeans all that lovely 2-3 extra stops of high exposure in the RAW data are lost to you- many perfectly captured highlights look as blown out as the JPEG. :sad:

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"From what I read most 3rd part software seems to capture the extra range just fine.CertainlyRawShooter which I'm currently using does so.
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