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andyv May 26, 2005 2:26 PM

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, the 7d and SLR photography...

As well as figuring out SLR stuff, I've a couple of questions about the 7d. I've been playing about with it today, searched the web but cant figure out how the Remote-Storage works. I'm using a Mac, so maybe wont work at all, but still cant find any info on using it with windows.

I plug it into the USB, and the camera says:
"Remote storage connection initialising..." for ever (well, for the 10 minutes I left it).

I have the OSX DiMAGE Viewer 2.37... I cant find an OSX DiMAGE Transfer which is what I need I think - is this only for windows so the Remote-Storage only works with windows?

Also, would it be possible to connect up to an external hard drive for storage? I guess there's a USB host-slave issue thingy (yeah, not really sure what i'm talking about)... I suppose it would need a USB host external hard drive if these exist?

Finally, is the anti-shake on/off status stored anywhere in the image info - I've not been able to find it in the image info and would be useful to know to compare while i'm learning how it works...


carlo72 Jun 1, 2005 12:35 PM

yes, remote storage works only with DiMAGE Transfer, not with Viewer, but i cant help about ur other questions :(

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