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First of all guys, KM isn't giving up everything related to DSLR design and manufacturer.

Look at the fine print in some of the announcements...

"On the basis of its ongoing "selection and concentration", Konica Minolta Group will concentrate on its core "business technologies" field and its strategic "optics and display devices" field and withdraw from camera business*** as of March 31, 2006. At the same time, Konica Minolta PI will partially transfer certain assets related to digital SLR cameras to Sony."

Notice the ***?

Look at the legend:

*** Excludes production of digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses for Sony


That implies that KM is going to manufacturer them for Sony.

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Since it's been asked- I believe B1ue should keep his camera. It does everything you expected it to do and has met your expectations. Sony looks like they will continue to refine and enhance the Minolta mount DSLR type- so any current owners aren't left with an outdated lens mount. In fact- perhaps as noted on another forum- Sony may bring some new innovations to the Minolta mount system.My biggest concern is that they continue to implement the "AS" feature as this hasn't been addressed and is what in my opinion gives Minolta an "edge" so to speak in the DSLR category. If they somehow leave out the "AS" feature they'll be in direct competition against Canon & Nikon which are the established leaders in DSLR's~ but note neiter company would likely offer any form of body integral image stabilzation as their very expensive IS/VR lenses would be unnecessary. So let's hope Sony continues to implement "AS" as a standard feature on future DSLR's.
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I was about to buy a 5D when I heard the sad news about KM withdrawal from photo business.

Now I don't know what to do either:
On the one hand, I already own a KM A1, I like it and I trust in KM.5D price has never been so low since KM announcement, it is a great price for value.

On the other, what will happen when I want to buy accessories (flashes, batteries...) for the 5D, will I find them on the market? Even if Sony is interested in KM lenses (and will continue their production), they are not interested in KM accessories because they already have their own product range!

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Tamron, Sigma, Tokina and others already make lenses and or flashes for the 5d/7d, I doubt they'd stop as long as there is a market for them. Sony wouldn't buy the rights to the slr mount and bodies if they had no intention of continuing support for it- it would be throwing money away.(It's not like they're buying out a competitor, Sony currently has no market share in DSLR) As far as corporate strength goes, Sony is in a better situation fiscally than KM and I doubt very much that they're goingout of businessin the forseeable future. I would expect a bigger variety of lenses and more aftermarket accessories. It could be a great thing, if quality remains.
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