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ATCLen Sep 16, 2012 7:53 PM

Sony a55 Music Video's
Hi Everyone

It has been sometime since the last time I posted. Just a little back ground about me . I sold my Samsung NX10 last year and got me a Sony a55. I like the small body, better video, and plus 10 fps photo. I love taken photo's, but I also love doing video's. Here is 3 video's I shot with my Sony a55 of my Band. I play drums so our Bass player played for me. I'm real funny about anyone using my camera and lens. 1st music video in years Hope you like I will start checking in more. I know everyone is not in to video 's. My setup was a a55, 18-55 kit lens and a Zoom video mic. All audio was mixed from main board and the Zoom mic. I also have a China made grip for extra power. The a55 never over heated shot with auto focus on. I did turn the steady shot off. I also read that the 16meg chip don't over heat it is the Steady shot system that causes that, That's the reason the new Sony SLT's don't. They use a different digital system for video. The Sony a55/a33 uses a BSC or BCS chip, something like that and that makes it overheat. Read that on a HD-DSLR video site. So I was very happy with the video and the low light was nice. Better than a lot of my old Video Cams


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