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JimC Apr 13, 2010 6:00 AM

Sony Image Data Converter SR 3.2
For those of you shooting in raw that haven't seen the news posted around the net about this yet, Sony has an update to their Image Data Converter SR software available on some of their sites now (for example, the international site and the Sony Europe site), and I'd expect to see it on more of their region specific sites soon, too. Here's the link I used to update my software to Version 3.2:


Here's the Mac version of this update:

It's rather amazing how much improvement they've made in the Noise Reduction area from what I can see of results testing it against the older 3.1 version, using both Auto and Manual Noise Reduction settings. I'm also seeing Mac users reporting significantly better performance on Snow Leopard. I've only tried it under Win 7 and really didn't pay any attention to the speed before and after the update.

If you expand the Overview section on this page on the Sony Europe site, then click one of the Download Links, you can see what they say is improved:

Here's a quote from the Windows Download Link for it:

"Sony is offering α series DSLR camera users the latest version of α application software, "Sony Image Data Suite" which includes the following software:
  • Image Data Converter SR Ver.3.2
    Software to view, adjust and save the RAW format still images shot with your camera.
  • Image Data Lightbox SR Ver.2.2
    Software to view, compare, and rate the RAW/JPEG format still images shot with your camera.

    Note: Remote Camera Control is not included. If you use Remote Camera Control, please download from here beforehand.
New Functions and Improvements

  • The noise reduction function is enhanced.

    Note: This enhancement is not effective for images shot with DSLR-A100.
Applicable Products

  • DSLR-A100 / DSLR-A200 / DSLR-A300 / DSLR-A350
  • DSLR-A230 / DSLR-A330 / DSLR-A380
  • DSLR-A450 / DSLR-A500 / DSLR-A550
  • DSLR-A700 / DSLR-A850 / DSLR-A900
Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP SP3 *1
  • Windows Vista SP2 *2
  • Windows 7
*1: 64-bit editions and/or Starter are not supported.
*2: Starter is not supported."

adamvk Apr 18, 2010 10:56 PM

Thanks for the post!

Mahgie Jul 7, 2010 12:50 PM

Thanks Jim for sending me here,
I do shoot in RAW and currently have been using LR2, will this converter be better than LR. I guess I would need to run the photos through the converter before having them sent to LR? Software is another learning curve.

JimC Jul 7, 2010 2:51 PM

Try it and see. It doesn't cost anything, as it came with your camera. ;-)

Just install the software from the original CDs (if you haven't done so already), then, install the update from the links in my first post to this thread.

yusup Nov 8, 2018 12:21 AM

Can Download the latest version of Sony RAW image converter tool. It's a great RAW to JPEG converter software for Windows.

yusup Nov 8, 2018 10:16 AM

Now update the full features of Sony image data converter Just visit the site and find your supported camera model name.

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