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I registered on Sony's e-service web site for my Minolta 5D warranty repair. I was asked to send it to a Sony authorized repair center. They received my 5d in couple of days, and their web query system said it would take 10 working days to get it done. However, 4 weeks passed, the status is still "Waiting for part", and no more estimate date when it can be repaird. Actully, I pre-ordered their new A100 camera before I sent my 5D, but with such long / bad repair service, I have canceld the a100 order by just thinking of the potential problems with their new camera I might run into.
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A lot of KM owners were waiting until the transition to Sony was complete before sending in their camera. So, I can imagine that they were pretty backlogged (plus, you've got technicians trying to "get up to speed" on fixing KM products).

I have seen a couple of users report that Sony agreed to buy back their cameras at full purchase price because of parts delays when Precision (the repair vendor in the U.S.) couldn't fix them in a timely manner. So, I can't reallly knock them for that approach.

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I think Sony should be given a fair oppourtunity to act their act together and it is important to realize that there are a lot of issues associated with taking over an existing business be it amarketing or serviceoriented venture. I also feel it is important to let Sony know how we as consumers view the good and the bad of what's going with this KM/Sony venture and everyone should take the time to write a letter to Sony service or sales and express to them how much it means that we get continued support in service, parts and accesories. I just took 5 minute of my time to write a letter and reccomend that evry KM owner and or potential Alpha buyer let them know how important continued support is for the existing and future customer base. If you haven't already done so, also take a moment at DYXUM.com to fill out a petition to Sony relavant to continued support. None of what I suggest may have any impact, but it doesn't cost much to try.
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