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Dyxum.com provides us a lot of information in reviews regarding Minolta mount lenses . But some of them are for old Minolta Maxum film cameras.

Recently I tried my Minolta AF 50mm f1.7( first generation)on 5d. I found everything is OK except that when I used internal flash and set 5D in "auto" or "P" mode, the image was overexposed. Then I switched lens to the kit lens-Minolta 17-70mm f3.5 using same mode and same object , image exposures was OK. After that Iswitched back to 50mm ans set the flash -1.0 and the exposure was good.

I think the problem is when I pushed the button half way down for focusing the aperture was wide open. For some reason the lens aperture drive response is not fast enough to matchthe required aperture no. for correct expoture. So. It was not 100% compatible.

I suggest moderator to open a new forum topic . Everyone whohas the expierence using old or new , Minolta or non Minolta brand lenses contribute to new special topic. Then we can share the expierences . It will help us to make decision tobuy old or new Minolta mount lenses.

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I think this would be a fine place to discuss that, there are already too many sections here (I've never even looked through the whole list as it is).

Thats an interesting observation, last night I was trying to get a macro picture of my cats eye and I noticed that I could see the flash (or preflash) in the viewfinder (of course the sucker closed his eye before the shutter opened every dang time!).

Flash exposure seems inconsistent to me, overexposed more often than under. I'm using all older lenses except for the kit lens (which I dont use much), and wireless sigma flash. If the aperture was too slow to respond as you say, it should be underexposed (metered for wide aperture, then stopped down for the exposure).
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Different behavior does not constitute a compatibility problem. ;-)

For one thing, some lenses may be a bit brighter or darker than they should be when stopped down versus wide open where the camera is focusing and metering.

But, as far as flash exposure, it's just the algorithms used. They're not perfect yet (the camera is relying on a very short preflash to help gauge the length of the main flash needed, since there is no metering of the flash during the exposure the way you have with off the film metering).

It needs a preflash even with ADI (D) lenses.

Also, chances are, your 50mm is a newer model, it not an ADI compable lens (if it's got 5 contacts versus 8, it's not). So, you may want to try setting your camera's flash mode to TTL versus ADI when using the 50mm versus the kit lens (set it to ADI with the kit lens). Only lenses with a (D) in their product title should be used with an ADI flash setting.

The camera will not retain your flash mode setting in Auto or Scene Modes (but using it in P mode should be OK if you can remember to change it when you change lenses). The camera will not change flash mode for different lens types automatically.

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