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Default Ugggg, dropped my a580 on my wood floor LCD screen down and screen broke

Was loading my camera back pack and foolishly left it in the upright position on my bed while getting stuff off of my dresser to put in it. Well I hear a loud thud as the back pack falls off the bad and lands directly on where the camera loads which is where the rear of camera is.

Camera seems to be fine, it can take pics I just cannot see on LCD and change any settings. Lens(es) all seem ok as does the mirror inside the body. I was able to upload pics via the camera and the shots I took post fall all seemed to fine upon initial brief inspection. Anything else to look for from a fall like this?

I ordered a replacement LCD from Sony for $65 and will attempt to replace myself, I have seen a youtube video of an a300 LCD removal and install so hoping it is the same for mine. When I first called Sony parts they said they do not carry that anymore. I then called back the next day and they said they had it and I ordered it on the spot.

So mad at myself because I know better than to leave the back pack the way I did, especially so close to the end of the bed. Careless, I need to make sure that it is always flat when loading it up.

Any tips/tricks for removing and installing the rear LCD on the a580?

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send it to sony, they can repair it, but it will be a bit expensive. But you know you will have the real sony parts. They will also completely check out the camera to see if anything is broken.
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Since you have already order the LCD screen, just go ahead and attempt to replace it yourself. The screen is external, so the risk is minimal and no fear of damaging the other parts of the camera. By the way, is your A580 still functional viewing and shooting through the EVF? If not, it may have to go back to Sony for repair. Please let us know how the repair turn out.
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Originally Posted by WCKSer View Post
... By the way, is your A580 still functional viewing and shooting through the EVF? ...
The A580 has an OVF, not an EVF. I'm certain Raistlin_01 can use his A580, but he can't use the menu as well as 'Live View'.
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I can shoot images thru the view finder and upload them to PC, just no LCD screen, so can't really change any settings.

I was not able to install the LCD replacement. I got the old one apart and was able to get old one disconnected but I cannot for the life of me get the ribbon cable attached. The YouTube video showing the lcd replacement on the a300 or a350 is different than my a580. The lcd doesn't have the circuit board built into it, instead it was "taped" to lcd and I had to remove from old and attach to new. It is also very difficult to get your hands in there to correctly attach and detach the cables. Unfortunately during my removal of the broken screen the ribbon cable that goes into the body of camera also disconnected from circuit board and I did not have enough slack to reattach that.

I have given up, I don't want to spend any more money on this just in case I messed up the ribbon cable going to camera and the circuit board that attaches to lcd via some type of tape. All these parts are available via Sony and not that expensive but it is beyond my pay grade. I am probably going to try and sell my a580 as a parts camera for whatever I can get offered to someone who has the know how to replace lcd, my loss will be someone else's gain maybe.

I have also unfortunately decided to go with a Canon replacement and will be leaving Sony. I am going to go with a t4i with Canons new 18-135 IS STM lens and also get the 55-250 IS II lens for only $97 more. I wanted to get the a77 but just didn't love it and kinda pricey with the 16-50 2.8 lens. I am also not ready to go with a translucent mirror yet. My buddy has the t3i and I have used that and have been very impressed with its IQ. So now I am going to have to ebay all my Sony stuff and hope I get some ok money back from my equipment.

It was a fun ride with my a300 and then my a580, but I am going over to the dark side...
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