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I've only got 1 shot to buy the three following lenses:

Minolta (or KM) AF 17-35/3.5 G

Minolta AF 70-200 2.8 APO G (D) SSM

Minolta AF 16mm 2.8 Fisheye

All great lenses but I need the Minolta or Konica Minolta brand and I have to get them all from the same source on one order. (long story). Can you, anyone, point me to the right store?
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Try ebay. I havent even seen the 17-35G for sale since I got my camera, and the 70-200 apo g isn't real common. You can probably find the fisheye though, maybe even new.

Otherwise, wait until this fall for the Sony lenses or go with Sigma.
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You might try KEH.


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What kind of price?

If they're priced right and you can afford it, I'd probably grab 'em. You could always sell them later if you decide on something else (if you can buy 'em "right").


I think I misunderstood you. I guess you want to know where to buy all 3 lenses from the same source.

I thought you meant you had found a source that had all 3 for sale (but, only if you bought all 3). :-)

These are sought after lenses, so I misunderstood you and thought maybe you had found a great deal on a package or something.

As cope suggested, I'd talk to KEH and explain your problem. They have a pretty good turnover with used lenses (so, they'd be as likely as anyone to be able to accomodate you).

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