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melt1109 Jul 7, 2006 7:58 PM

Hey fine folks,

My dad is ordering the KM 7d 18-70mm kit from Walmart tonight.

I am in charge of finding the longer reach lens. Cost is important. As I researched my purchase extensively (Nikon D50 2 lens kit), I am woefully behind the KM curve except in major generalities. As I said in another post, dad has some palsy so the anti-shake is the route for non-tripod shots.

Some of the recommendations seem to lean one way but say 'buy this one for the 5d'.

I know in general that the xx-200 is a 'better lens' for low light and will 'hunt less for AF' but price will probably dicate the xx-300. I know the older model is heavier and a newer model has AF06 in the model number for Tamron I think. I can figure out the vendor if someone will help me out with exactly which xx-300. Maybe a model number?

Also, since I didn't have to buy a CF card, can someone recommend a good brand and model CF card (1 GB) that likes the 7d?

Thanks folks, he's in a hurry to get his kit together is the only reason I'm taking the weasels way out and asking for the help. Pointing me to posts will also be helpful. I just don't want to buy the WRONG 28-300 in my lack of knowledge about KM. Also don't know Tamron from Sigma so pointers here will help. Or are there still KM out there? Which is 'better' quality?

Yes, he will be in low light situations taking pictures at church (on tripod), but he's using a p&s now so I don't think he cares to have the brightest one out there, just not spend $100 when $150 will buy better. Likewise, don't want to buy $400 when $150 will get someone who loved SLR and just hasn't been happy with digital p&s and has been drooling since I got my D50.

Thanks (in advance)!

found this at b&h for $179 (with $30 rebate)...

Tamron Zoom Normal-Telephoto AF 55-200mm f/4-5.6 Di-II LD Autofocus Lens for Minolta Digital SLR

Mercury694 Jul 7, 2006 9:50 PM

On Zoom lenses, it depends on what is important to you. Cameta (on Ebay) has the Tamron model # A06 28-300 LD (APO) XR f3.8-6.3 for about $155 delivered. It's a great deal on a lens that is quickly becoming one of my favorites (and 3-4 months ago I would have never considered a hyperzoom) for contrast and color rendition. It's a bit dim though, if most of his shooting is indoors he may rather choose a Sigma 70-210 f2.8 or Minolta 80-200 APO f 2.8 if he can afford the best zoom available. Indoors, 200-210mm should be long enough most of the time and getting a bright lens over 200mm can get quite costly. The kit 18-70 lens is fairly dim and according to those who critique it, unremarkable (I don't own this lens) so he may opt for a better short zoom also. The 35-70 f4 is good but may not be bright enough indoors, so perhaps a 28-75 f2.8? In primes, there is a lot more room for better aperture, but you asked about long zooms. I am enjoying the Tamron 28-300 but it hunts in low light at longer focal lengths and doesn't achieve true 300mm unless focused to infinity. If he's shooting primarily in lower light, I can't recommend it unless he's glong to use a flash.

The lens you link to at b&h is not as good of a deal as the 28-300 IMO. It's a bit costlier and has less zoom at virtually the same brightness.

I only use the Sandisk media. It's a bit more expensive, but the speed and guarantee of complete compatibility are worth it to me and we're talking about peanuts compared to a DSLR budget- A sandisk ultra 2 or 3 1gb will run less than $60 delivered.

Mercury694 Jul 7, 2006 9:52 PM

I almost forgot. Another member here has the Vivitar series1 70-210 f 2.8-4 (also on ebay by Cameta for $80) and really likes the lens. I have no experience with that lens, but it's relatively bright and quite cheap.

cope Jul 7, 2006 10:13 PM

I have the Tamron 280300, and highly recommend it. I also have the 18-70 kit lens, and it is better than it's reputation. Cameta Camera has the 28-300 for $145 plus s&h and Cord is about $5 higher.

rduve Jul 8, 2006 12:29 AM

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Mercury694 wrote:

I almost forgot. Another member here has the Vivitar series1 70-210 f 2.8-4 (also on ebay by Cameta for $80) and really likes the lens. I have no experience with that lens, but it's relatively bright and quite cheap.

That member would be me. I am not that enthused about itanymore. Haven't used it much. I keep my Tamron 28-300 XR on most of the time. The Vivitar seems to overexpose somehow and often gets the focus wrong. It also adds a somewhat yellowish tint. I am attaching comparison shots between the Minolta 70-210 4-5.6 and the Vivitar 70-210 2.8-4. Both were taken at 135mm f5.6. Sharpness of the Vivita is very good, but you see how the picture is brighter (too bright?) and yellowish, which is a consistent behavior of this lens. I actually get better results withits larger sibling, the Vivitar Series 1 100-400 4.5-6.7, but it's not as fast.

But again, I am hardly using either one of these lenses. I paid 79.95 for the 70-210 lens from Cameta and 65 for the 100-400 used on ebay and keep them handy for rare occasions.

I will test the Vivitar 70-210 2.8-4 at an indoors sports even for which it should be ideal and report back once I have had a chance to do so.


Here is the Minolta shot

rduve Jul 8, 2006 12:30 AM

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And the Vivitar shot. Actually looks better and sharperin this case. Reason is that since the camera tends to underexpose when you shoot a white wall, the Vivitar's tendency to overexpose by about 1 f-stop compensates forthat and exposure turns out to be right on in this case.And it is most definitely SHARPER than the Minolta lens.


Rambler358 Jul 8, 2006 12:45 AM

Since you already have the 18-70, I'd suggest Sigma's 70-300mm APO DG Macro lens. This lens has gotten very good reviews and is excellent for the $219 price:

For a CF card, Sandisk's Ultra II and Extreme III models won't fail you.

rduve Jul 8, 2006 12:47 AM

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Here are some other comparisons.

Minolta 100-300 4.5-5.6 @ 300 f6.3

rduve Jul 8, 2006 12:55 AM

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Tamron 28-300XR @ 300mm f6.3. I don't know where the rumors come from that this lens is supposedly unusually soft at the tele-end. I have run numerous tests and comparisons and the Tamron can match any of the best at any focal length.

rduve Jul 8, 2006 12:56 AM

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Vivitar Series 1 100-400 @ 300mm f6.3. Definitely can compete with either one of the above.

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