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rduve wrote:
I just shot a few more comparisons. These should ease your mind that you made a good choice for your dad's lens. The Vivitar looks pretty good.

Here is the Vivitar 70-210 f2.8-4 at 110mm f8

The Vivitar doesn't look bad. I would consider one, but I have a beercan that covers that range.

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Thanks for all your hard work for us Ranier, and I apologize for not complimenting the photographer - it's not the equipment, it's who's behind the equipment and their knowledge of how to use it.

Your son is precious - pre- and post- haircut.

And, yes Jim C, I've turned into quite the KM fanclub, as a Nikon owner. Do I regret my choice...well it's funny. I was so proud of myself for selecting Nikon after KM sold out...and then I realized the continuity with Sony and the deals to be had and yes for the same money I spent for my Nikon (2 lens and card and bag), I coulda had a V-8 (or a KM as the case may be)and a wealth oflenses to choose from by having waited and taken advantage of this deal, but, 1) I showed more trepidation than normal on big-ticket purchases across the internet and 2) couldn't get my hands on a KM and 3) the hands on comparison between Canon was no contest.

I've posted in the 'what camera to buy' in response to some folks parroting y'alls advice to 'hold' the choices in your hand as the preferences are distinct...and I've also touted the benefits of picking up one of the 7d's as well.

Hindsight is 20-20 and hey, what's a few billion dollars for some Nikon VR. :blah:

/bow to ye wise ones! and grats to my dad!


p.s. one day I'll post a few Nikon pics for y'all in the pics section (NOT in the critique section ROFL!)
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I hope you know that I'm just "ribbing" you (teasing you).

Nikon has it's advantages. For example, the ability to load custom tone curves in the some of their DSLR models, and the 1/500 second flash sync speed you get with the D50/D70 (better than the majority of higher end cameras). I like the grip design and shutter button placement of the Nikon models, too. I also like the predictability of Nikon's metering system compared to most other cameras.

Heck, I've got a Nikon 35mm camera sitting about 2 feet from me right now. lol

There are pros and cons to any camera. None of them are perfect and the D50 is a nice camera.

The photographer's skill is the most important part of getting good images. Virtually any of the popular cameras can take very good or very bad images, depending on the "driver".

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Many thanks for that extra info re. f-stops and ISO numbers. Yes - sure it is basic, but I am still at a basic level and a slow learner! The way you put it was a big help to me in clarifying that area. Sorry to have been so long in responding, but I have been away for a couple of days.

Best wishes, Ilex.
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