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msantos Oct 6, 2006 5:16 PM

Does anybody knows if Flash Minolta Program 3500 xi is compatible with KM 5D?

Thanks in advance

JimC Oct 6, 2006 5:49 PM

It won't work correctly. It's not compatible.

You'll need to use the Minolta 2500(D), 3600HS (D), or 5600HS (D) for compatibilty with KM DSLR models (or you could use the new Sony HVL-F36AM or HVL-F56AM, which are the Sony versions of the Minolta 3600 and 5600).

An older Minolta strobe that's not compatible like the 3500 xi will fire at full power when used on a KM DSLR.

Because sensors are too reflective to meter from during a flash exposure like you could with OTF (Off the Film) metering, flash systems were redesigned for digital to always use a preflash, making the older strobes incompatible.

There are some third party altenatives like the Metz 54MZ series strobes using the correct SCA3302 M5 or M6 foot, too (and it can eliminate the need for a preflash while still being aware of the camera settings using it's auto feature with it's built in sensor to measure reflected light).

Or, you could use a non-dedicated strobe like a Sunpak 383 Super via an FS-1100 adapter to give the 5D or 7D an ISO standard shoe (you'd need to use manual exposure on the camera, setting the camera and strobe to match each other). Some of our forum members use this type of solution. I've got a Sunpak 333 Auto I use via a third party adapter with my 5D.

But, the older Minolta strobes aren't going to work correctly (they'd always fire at full power when used on a KM DSLR).

msantos Oct 6, 2006 10:53 PM

I appreciate your help!!

Is preflash a really problem? Do you suggest going for MTETZ 54 instead a KM 5600 HS(D).

What is the difference between Sigma EF-500 DG Super and the "no Super" one

Thanks in advance

JimC Oct 7, 2006 7:28 AM

I've only noticed a couple of people that preflash was an issue with. Most people don't react to one.

Even if nobody reacted, if I had the budget, I'd go with a Metz 54MZ4 (or 3 or 4i) using the SCA3302M6 foot before I'd buy the 5600HS (D).

In addition to an Auto Mode that can eliminate the need for a preflash, you could use the strobe on a different camera brand, too (just by changing the dedicated foot to a different one, versus the need to buy a different strobe). So, that could come in handy later on (and it could also help with resale value since it could be used on a variety of different cameras with the correct foot).

It's around $400 with the foot (and you'd need the latest M5 or M6 version of the SCA3302 foot to work with a KM DSLR). Most retailers sell it with the correct foot already installed.

B&H is out of stock right now here in the U.S.

Metz 54MZ4 with SCA3302 for Minolta

Adorama looks like they have it in stock for $389:

Metz 54MZ4 for Minolta at Adorama

Make sure to verify that the SCA3302 foot included is the M5 or M6 version if you go that route and can find one in your country. Older SCA3302 versions are not fully compatible with KM DSLR models (although Metz can probably upgrade one to the latest firmware for you).

As for the Sigma strobes... be careful, as some are not fully compatible. You'd want to get the Super model with a serial number starting at 7 or higher for best compatiblity.

Even then, some users haven't been totally happy with them. You'd still have a preflash, too. See this recent thread titled Going to ditch the Sigma 500 Flash

You'll also see some alternatives mentioned in the same thread.

Note that you can find some user reviews of strobes compatible with KM Models (incuding the Metz 54MZ4) over at Dyxum:

msantos Oct 8, 2006 8:03 PM

Thanks for the info, Jim. It is all I wanted to know.

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