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Today I got my 3rd and last flash: the Metz 54 Mz 4i. I ordered this from Tristate Camera, and I was under the impression that it was a MZ4, not a MZ4i (I don't know the difference).

However the shoes threw me off. I haven't had a chance to check it out on my 7D but I noticed that the body says 3002 while the shoe says 3302. What does this mean?
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54MZ4 is the main unit - work with any brand!

3302 is the Metz dedicated shoes for Minolta (3201 for example is dedicated to Canon)
3002 is the 'digital' kind of SCA interface whereas 300 is for the Metz analog SCA adapter on the main unit (I guess the 54MZ4 is a 'digital' flash -> 3002)

FYI - http://www.metz.de/en/photo_electron.../148/show.html
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The 54MZ4i is a newer model that has some features that make it work better with Nikon DSLR models (using the correct SCA3402 foot for Nikon models).


It will still do everything the 54MZ4 will using the correct SCA3302M5 or M6 foot on a KM DSLR. If the price were the same, I'd get the 54MZ4i (if for no other reason, resale value may be better if a Nikon owner were interested in it).

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Now that I have both the metz and both 3600hsD and sony's 5600 clone, I can give two comments:

1. Build: I prefer the sony/minolta. Off camera stand can be carried easily compared to the metz. Size is manageable

2. Features: The metz seems more complicated and advanced, and with the rotating switch more ergonomic. The metz also has two flash heads which can be great for portraits etc.
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