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Mercury694 wrote:
I would suspect that LCD's are more prone to breakage as the temp drops, due to less flexibility but I've had several digicams out in weather well below 0 degrees F and haven't had breakage due to cold.

I do think that the movement from the warm moist environment of the parka top the cold and back again should be minimized but I'm not sure if I'd avoid it altogether ( there is always some inherent risk in taking your SLR to any locale where the photos are worth getting.) I may be more inclined to leave it in the cold unless there is precipitation or fog (or if I was likely to wipeout).
Yes, LCDsare more fragile in their frozen state.

The bottom line is that there are always risks associated with temperature extremes. Many of the moving parts (shutters, zoom andAF gears, motors)in stuff like cameras are delicate. When operated in conditions where binding is likely due to moisture and cold,gears easily strip or springs and mechanical partscan break when operated due to theresistancecaused by parts that bind during operation.

I don't do everything right and we alltake chances at one time or another, but when it comes to my electronic equipment, I am extremely careful.
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I simply don't buy any of the storys about cold damage to LCDs at temperaturesof -40F (-40C) or warmer. A truck heading down the freeway has a 75MPH wind on it which cools the cargo to ambient temperature very quickly. Forty below is not uncommon in Alaska, chunks of Canada, and even here once in a while. Walmart has an unheated warehouse near here that covers about twenty acres - lots of LCD stuff goes through there and gets very cold.

I agree that there is an increased chance of damage in the cold, but it really isn't that large IMHO. There is also the issue that if I paid exact attention to the temperature limits specified by the manufacturer, I would not be able to use my camera outside about five months of the year.

What really increases the chance of damage to your camera is using it. If you just leave it on the shelf, only tripping the shutter once every few months tomove the lubricatants about, it will last almost forever. But then why have it? Yes it makes sense to be careful, but not so careful that the whole point of havinga camera is forgotten. Everyone has to figure out where that point is for themselves.
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Thanks for your replies! I guess there is not an exact answer here and it seems that not a lot of form members have subjected their equipment to extreme cold. I have a digital point and shoot that I plan to take skiing every day. But, because I bought the 5D to use (thanks for reminding us BillDrew), I do plan to take it out. I will try to pick aday that the forecast is not too extreme and maybe for only an hour or two. In past trips with a SLR film camera, I used a holster case around my neck and then also secured it around my chest. This keeps the camera securely in front of me. I will just have to take it easy on the photo ski outings and fall backward and not forward. Or, maybe not fall at all?? :lol:

I will post again in January to let you know what the results were and if I experienced any mechanical or electrical problems. Maybe I will even post a photo or two.

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A photo or 2 would be great! In the past I've subjected my other Minolta SLR's to some pretty savage weather and atmospheric conditions with very little regard (hey, a X370 or 570 wasn't too expensive to worry about) but for some reason I'd be more hesitant today to take my 7d. It may be due to the fact that my Fuji f10 is such a great little digicam that I'm willing to take it and still get pretty good shots.

That said, I've never skipped taking a good camera on any vacation.:lol:

Oh, and let us know how well it stands up. My 7d will be getting some heavy use over the winter. It spends far too much time in a dirty construction truck and has weathered that quite well.
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