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Hi group.
Here is a problem I am having with my sony A-100.

I use a KM 28-75mm D F2.8 lens.

I shoot in RAW mode.

Often enough to cause concern, I see bright areas that should not look square as looking square or having squared edges when seen at 75 to 100% zoom.
I use a CRT monitor (YEs, the problem is worse with LCD screen.)
I have not seen this effect looking at pictures posted on the web (Steve's camera review) taken with other cameras (Nikon D200 for example).

It can be light filtering through trees, sunlight shining off of water droplets, city lights at night... bright areas that should not look square can appear to be square.

Look for yourself. I used image converter to make a TIFF image, the squares were there. I converted the TIFF to JPG (level 12) so I could post it to my website.


click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Enough of the lights look un-naturally square don't they?

Is this bloom effect or is it a firmware issue?
Can I get rid of it?
I often have to enlarge my images (using Q-Image) for stock purposes and I CANNOT have these little square lights getting any bigger if I can help it!

Advice appreciated,


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my sony 17" 'studio quality' LCD with it's .21 dot pitch does not have sufficient resolving power to show the round edges you desire

how do these files actually print??!

how do they look at 200% ?

imo: the shot is excellent and beyond the capability of the viewing medium to accurately render

-> STEVE ? <-
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