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My 5D had had the notorious"black first frame" issue for some time. This is where the first frame is black and the camera will not take a second. The solution has always been to turn off the camera and turn it back on. Now my 5D won;t turn on at all. the shutter clicks and no preview and no photo. The camera will not take a second photo and turning it off and back on does not help. Just blackness... I;ve been so despondent I bought a video camera bit it has not really helped me get over the loss of my DSLR. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am in Los Angeles
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Some have had luck with cleaning all contact surfaces on the battery, battery compartment, lens and lens mount area, but most find that there is another fault. If yours is dead, I recommend sending it in for repair. Under warranty, repairs will be free, out of warranty you will have a charge. In the US, the charge is around $280 for repairs, and they seem to go through the whole camera, not just the area of concern.
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The defect, which you have encountered with your camera, is actually a construction fault. Both, the 5D and 7D sooner or later will suffer from this defect. In a KM repair manual it is called Error 58 and this is now the common name for it here in Germany. Here in Europe we have a two year warranty period and you usually encounter the Err58 within this period. My D7D got the Err58 after 10 months. The shutter and the AF system has been replaced by more durable parts and let's hope that it now works flawless for some years.
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if all 5d and 7d cameras will suffer from this defect, why hasn't there been a recall? has anyone contacted minolta or sony? j
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I have a Maxxum 7D and I had the exact same problem. I would take a picture and the camera would just lock up sometimes. As in your case, for a while turning the camera off and on would fix it but eventually that didn't work anymore and the camera completely died. Fortunately this happened 1 month before my 1 year warranty expired. I sent it off for repair and they replaced the shutter at no charge. Hopefully that fix will last. Even if your warranty has expired I would send it for repairs. Many times companies will repair their product free of charge after the warranty has expired if they know it is defective.
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