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I just got a Sandisk Memory stick Pro duo of 4 GB , Just like to know if the sony supports the Pro Duo of 4 GB, The sony kit has a CF adaptor which can be used for the Pro duo.

Is it safe enough to use a 4gb memory stick in the DSLR. or would there be any complications in after use. And Should any care be taken .

Any help is appreciated.


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No idea.

Try the folks in the KM/Sony Alpha forum they might have a better idea.
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I moved the thread to the correct forum.

I don't know of anyone that's tried a larger MS Pro Duo via adapters in an Alpha 100.

You can use larger CompactFlash cards OK in it though (it's FAT32 compliant so cards of 4GB or larger will work).

You may want to try it out in a store first (many stores have demo models setup). I'm guessing that it would probably work OK (but, I don't know that for sure). I don't know what kind of performance hit you'd take either. The Alpha 100 has an *extremly* fast interface to media.

It can write at >13MB/Second to an Extreme III CompactFlash Card, which is phenomenal for a Digital Camera (most would have bottlenecks in the camera long before that kind of write speed to media). But, I don't know how performance would be to a slower Sony MS Pro Duo card, especially since you'd probably have adapter electronics in the middle (I'm assuming that it's probably more than just a hard wired adapter, since the SD>CF Adapters available have electronics in them). So, I'd try it in a store with a demo camera to find out.

As for special care (if it works), I'd suggest formatting it via the camera menus in the camera you're using it in prior to every use. I do that with all of my cards anyway. That insures that I always start out with a fresh FAT (File Allocation Table), just the way the camera wants it, since it's performing the format.


I looks like Sony is showing the 4GB MS Pro Duo card as being compatible with the DSLR-A100. See the compatibility tab here:

Sony 4GB MS Pro Duo at sonystyle.com

But, at a rated write speed of 15Mbps for this 4GB MS Pro Duo (which works out to less than 2MB/Second since there are 8 bits in a byte), you'd be giving up a lot of performance compared to a faster CompactFlash card, even if the adapter electronics doesn't slow it down even more. That may or may not be important to you (since you do have a buffer in the camera and it won't slow down until this buffer is full), if you're not shooting something like Sports.

Sony's HS (High Speed) Cards look like they're rated at a faster 80Mbps (around 10MB/Second, which is still slower than something like a Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash Card). But, I don't see any HS cards in 4GB size from Sony listed, and I also do not see the Alpha 100 listed in any High Speed MS Duo Pro card's compatiblity list as being compatible

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