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David Kilpatrick is a British Minolta/KM/Sony user who has published a Minolta camera magazine for years. This is a hands on field trial.

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I guess the slow focus might be a bit dissapointing but probaly still a good lensas an all purpose walk-around. I imagine the focus is fast enough as long as you don't change the focal length too much.
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Old May 17, 2007, 10:48 PM   #3
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It got an "Excellent" rating at all focal lenghts in the recent review by PopPhoto.
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I just purchased this lens and am having some second thoughts about it.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"When it does lock focus it takes good photos.

Has a great deal of difficulty getting enough light though. I was snapping some random shots outside on a fairly bright day and when cars cast shadows it had problems. It wanted to use flash for focus assist (which seemed rather unusual because of the brightness and distance involved). It did manage to lock focus all but one time when I tried to focus on the side of my car which had little detail to focus on.

Inside or with low light... forget it. This thing won't lock focus about 50% of the time.I in find that there is a way to assistit. Simply shift to wide angle, focus, then zoom in. It usually finds the focus this way... though sometimes it will shift out of focus and hang up.

Not sure what to do about this lens. I'm wondering about other options.Considering the Canon 28-135mm IS. I really want one lens that I can use in most situations and won't have to switch (I want to be about to shoot in the desert and am concerned about getting dust on the sensor). Since I bought this lens to use in fairly bright sun light it may work out.

I am open to suggestions though.
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Doktor Mike wrote:
Not sure what to do about this lens. I'm wondering about other options.Considering the Canon 28-135mm IS. .
What camera are you trying to use this Tamron on?

I see you're mentioning a Canon lens, so I'm assuming that you may be using one on a Canon DSLR model.

You will see some differences between a lens model in different mounts. For example, the Tamron 18-250mm lens in Canon mount has a built in focus motor. But, in Nikon and Minolta Maxxum mount, the lens is reliant on the focus motor in the camera body.

You'll also have some differences in the way a camera's AF system integrates with a given lens between different camera bodies. So, what works well on one body may not work well on another.

If you're shooting with a Canon DSLR, your best bet would be to ask for lens advise in our Canon Lenses Forum (since a third party lens model may have different behavior on one manufacturer's camera body verssus another's).

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One post wonder? As the only one on this forum who actually seems to have this lens, I am very curious to know more about Doktor Mike's experience with it.
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