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I would like to fit my Vivitar 2800 or my Panasonic PE 280c flash to my KM5d. I have a hot shoe adaptor 111 fora KM Dynax but cannot my 5d toflash. Any suggestion/ tipsmost helpful please.(my in-built flash has stopped working and i will try a new bulb). But it would be nice to get a hot shoe flash working.
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What is a "hot shoe adapter 111"?

That's not a Minolta part number for any hotshoe adapter that I'm aware of.

Minolta offered an adapter known as the FS-1100 that converts the proprietary Minolta Maxxum/Dynax shoe into an ISO standard shoe.

But, there is no voltage protection built in. It was not designed for digital, and the electronics for the flash system in the newer DSLR models are at TTL level. IOW, it's a *real* good idea to use a flash with a trigger voltage of around 6 volts (as most modern flashes have).

From a quick google search, that Vivitar 2700 probably has a trigger voltage of around 160 volts (more than 27 times what the camera circuitry was designed for).

If you haven't already, you can "fry" the electronics in the camera trying to use that kind of flash (at least the electronics related to the flash circuitry) if you use one without voltage protection. Maybe that's why the built in flash stop working, too? Hopefully, not. But, that would not surprise me.

Either use an adapter with built in voltage protection, or use a Wein Safe Sync or similar device (a product designed to lower trigger voltage to a safe level for newer camera models).

There are a number of strobes with trigger voltages at acceptable levels for use with a Minolta FS-1100 (or equivalent adapter).

I personally use Sunpaks (333 Auto, 222 Auto) via this third party adapter from a Hong Kong based vendor. I know others that user a newer Vivitar 285HV with one, too.


But, there is *no* voltage protection built into it, and you should *not* use a flash with a higher trigger voltage. For example, I would *not* try to use my older Vivitars (their high trigger voltage might fry the camera's electronics).

You can see trigger voltages for popular strobes here:


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Thanks for the info, I think the flash stopped which is why i looked for an alternative flash, the shoe adaptor was from HK, listed on e-bay for the 5dbut.. I'll have to digest what you have said, it really helps. The camera has to go back to KM service agent as it has the 'error:?' as listed on KM web site. The service dept said they will look at the flash at the same time but i am trying to find out from them if there is a charge or not. Thanks again
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