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Not a lot of info yet but have a look at:



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There has been no real news since PMA, only speculation and rumours. ;-)

Specific sensor sizes, features, etc. have not been announced.

About all they've told anyone is what the news story here mentioned (2 new bodies, one advanced amateur model positioned above the DSLR-A100, one high end 'flagship" model, 8 new lenses with some specifics mentioned).


A number of people got photos of the mockups during PMA . But, the quality left something to be desired. So, we do have better photos of the mockups now.

Personally, I wouldn't put too much faith into the rumours being right about the exact sensor size, etc. That 1.1 crop thing started the second the mockups were displayed at PMA (speculation that it's a full frame sensor due to the size of the area for the Pentaprism, with people arguing that it's probably 1.1 to have room for the Anti-Shake to work). lol

Sony did mention that one of the bodies uses a "redimensioned" sensor in an interview later (I saw a translation of some of it from Japanese). But, "redimensioned" could mean almost anything. You never know, they may have a model with a smaller sensor using a different aspect ratio, optimized for both stills and video. lol

Chances are, the "flagship" body will be using a larger sensor, since some of the new lenses appear to be designed to work with sensors larger than APS-C (if they're not just rebranded Minoltas).

But, I wouldn't take anything to the bank -- especially based on posts in forum threads from people mentioning exact resolution and sensor sizes. Those are just rehashes of the same old rumours that have been going around since the mockups were first displayed, and they've been repeated so many times that people are starting to assume credibility when they see them.

Here is a trip report from a KM DSLR user that made a trip to PMA to get some insight:


The second part of his trip report discusses the lenses (they had mockups/prototypes of the lenses at PMA, too):


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