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OK I just received my 5D back.

They did not replace the shutter mechanism so that leaves me a bit confused as I thought that all 5Ds with the exception of units produced after they identified the problem required shutter replacement.

According to the sheet they did the following:

Reconnected CCD Flex
Auto Focus Test, Check, Recalibration and Alignment
Software download, Test, Check and Complete Recalibration
General Test, Check, Clean and Repair All Functions and Systems

So now I'm wondering how does reconnecting a CCD cable correct the problem?

This is an old fix they attempted before they indulged in the free repair and it doesn't work.

They also did not return my body cap. They sent it back with a paper cap taped on. Not a big deal but I should complain about it when I call to ask why they didn't replace the shutter. Actaully I think I should call Sony. If it has to go back I can no longer prove it has the error since the memory has been reset

What's mysterious and on a positive note is it looks along with cleaning it they must have replaced my Focus & Fresnel screens or at least the Fresnel. I had scuffed the screen while cleaning it and had a replacement on hand but was going to wait till it came back to change it. The sreen is now almost spotless and I doubt they could have removed the scuff.

I do not recall sending in a battery with it and it came back with an aftermarket one that fits a little snug but I am able to remove it. I am also almost positive since I have only OEM or maxell batteries with the exception of one that I received as a spare with a used body I purchased. That was was really tight so I stopped using it. So it looks like I got a free battery in exchange for the missing body cap. I'm just glad that I sent in a cheap snap on generic cap.

I am happy they corrected my screens and cleaned and realigned everything, but now I'm concerned that the FSB problem will reoccur. I'm not sure what gives here but maybe this is a way of them charging Sony for two repairs on occasion. I don't think it could be a techician who is unaware of the FSB problem and fix. I also doubt they replaced the shutter and didn't list it on the invoice. My main concern is if I get the FSB problem again after they stop replacing the shutters then I am out of luck.

I think I should call Sony but maybe I should give Precision a chance to explain.

On another positive note I have only experinced this error once so maybe I'll never see it again. Unfotunatly I have to go through this again with another 5D and a 7D. The other 5D experainced another FSB last night and it also has the antishake issue.

It's stuff like this that makes people jump ship but since Precision obviously does repair work for other companies that may not be the answer.
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