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I'm trying to use this flash as a slave flash. I bought the wireless trigger from ebay. It seems to work when I take a picture, but it seems like it's not synching correctly. The shutter has opened and closed before the flash sets off. Any help would be great. I do have 3600 that of course works perfectly with my 5D, but I'd like to have a two flash setup.

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What do you mean by "wireless trigger from Ebay"?

This flash (2800) is not compatible with newer Maxxum models.

If by "wireless trigger" from Ebay, you mean an optical trigger, that won't work, unless the trigger is specifically designed to ignore a pre-flash (or pre-flashes), which are metering flashes that occurs before the main flash burst.

Otherwise, it's going to fire on the pre-flash (that the camera uses for metering purposes to determine the length of the main flash burst needed).

The reflective characterisitics of a digital camera's sensor is different compared to film. So, camera manufacturers rely on a pre-flash to judge exposure (versus using off the film flash metering, as used in many pre-digital camera models).

That's one reason why the flash systems changed for digital.

If you really want to trigger the 2800 via the camera's flash, you'd need a slave trigger designed to ignore pre-flashes.

Wein makes digital aware slave triggers that can get around this issue if you really want optically triggered slaves.

They're a $39.95 each or $79.95 a 3 pack at B&H:

3 Pack of Wein Digital Slave Triggers at B&H for $79.95

One Wein Digital Slave Trigger at B&H for $39.95

But, I'd probably go with a non-optical solution if I wanted to fire multiple strobes without cords (radio trigger via a hotshoe adapter).

This vendor makes a Minolta FS-1100 compatible hotshoe adapter that can give a KM or Sony DSLR an ISO standard hotshoe:


They also sell some wireless triggers (transmitters and receivers) that would not use a pre-flash the way an optical solution based on the camera's flash would need:


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