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I just bought a Sekonic L-358 light meter that I plan to use it for the studio lights that I will purchase in the near future. I tried to compare the result from it and my A700, they have different results. Both setto ISO-800, F2.8, the shutter speed from the Sekonic is 1/8 and A700 is 1/20. The picture from 1/20 is more natural and 1/8 is little too bright. Is the Sekonic not accurate and need to be returned? Any one can give me advice? Thanks
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My advice is use the meter that actually takes the image. Light meteres were made for film cameras & I've not used one yet that matches a newer in-camera DSLR meter.
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If you're using studio flash lighting you need to use the light meter to correctly setup you lights. Light meters are accurate, in camera meters are not usually as accurate. If you're using hot lights instead of strobes you could get by with just the in camera metering. But if you're using strobes the camera will make its decision based on the light before the picture is taken not what is there when the picture is taken.

After you've done it a few times, you may get to where you know the ballpark exposure. I'll usually setup, set the camerea to the settings I think are close and then chimp a few shots to get my exposure the way I want it. Something you'll probably do even with the light meter. But I definately recommend having one.
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